Return of the Bengal Tiger

I’ve finally gotten back to the Bengal Tiger wallhanging that I started many months ago! (A13718). It’s from Rob Appell’s Endangered Species collection. I made his Giant Panda from the collection and blogged about it last winter.

I like to have several projects going at once, because then there’s always something I feel like working on. It’s really bad, though, when I have to leave something midstream for so long, because when I get back to it, it feels like I’ve never read the instructions before and they’re in a foreign language! Does that happen to you?

Well, I got everything laid out, only to find I was missing some pieces. Darn! I was sure I’d cut them. (I’ll bet one of my kitty sewing assistants has absconded with them and I’ll find them years from now!)  So what’s to do but cut them again.


When I got all the pieces arranged, I did a final pressing. (I used my press, but it can be done with an iron too.) I hung it on the wall, as I try to do with all my projects, so I can glance at it while I’m working at the computer, from about 15 feet away. Lacy thinks she enhances the tiger (actually she thinks she enhances everything).

Tiger Nose

I used Heat n Bond Feather Lite  which is what Rob recommends now. I decided I didn’t like the piece that formed the top of the nose. You may not know that reheating a piece that’s been fused to fabric will sometimes allow it to come off cleanly.  Be sure to try it with a swatch of the fabrics and fusible that you’re using before doing it with your actual project, but with Feather Light, it works beautifully!  Because there was so much bias, and this piece was so long, it stretched quite a bit. So I decided to prepare another piece to replace it. You can see the difference after I re-positioned it. Lacy likes him better now, too.

Tiger Eye

I put it back on the wall and decided that I had one of the green pieces slanted too much. So I heated it and removed it. This piece was smaller, and came off without stretching. Sometimes there isn’t enough glue left on the piece when you remove it.  To reuse the piece, you may need to put fusible on it again. The way I did that was to lay an applique pressing sheet  on the ironing board, put the green piece right side down on it, then a new piece of fusible on top with the glue down and the paper up. I pressed it, let it cool, then took the paper off and removed the extra glue that remained on the outside of the green piece. That way I didn’t need to cut a new piece, but you could do that, too..

Here he is now, ready to put on my Handi Quilter frame!

Finished Bengal Tiger

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