Book Review – Sunday Morning Quilts by Amanda Jean Nyberg and Cheryl Arkison

Here’s the thing: I’m kind of a quilt book junkie. (I won’t tell you how many I have at home, because I’m actually embarrassed to count them.)

Since this is true, I tend to keep my eyes open for new books as they come into the store. I even keep a list of quilt books my husband might want to buy for me, when he is so inclined to buy me a gift.

Sunday Morning Quilts book cover

As soon as I saw Sunday Morning Quilts (A16505) it was obvious it would be added to the list. I’ll say it again: I’m a sucker for beautiful books.

The work of Amanda Jean Nyberg and Cheryl Arkison, this book is gorgeous and informative. I’ve been following both of these ladies on their blogs for a while, so of course I felt like I already knew them as I began reading. They must have known that I would skip directly to the “projects” portion of the book, leaving the beginning of the book to read when I decided to write a review.

I’ll probably start with a small Ticker Tape quilt to get my scrappy quilt juices flowing. Honestly though, I can see myself making each of the quilts in this book. I absolutely adore the quilting on Grass, and the cover quilt, Sunday Morning, is so, so snugly looking. (Check the authors’ blogs to see this quilt made in other colors).

There’s even an opportunity to practice my applique on Leaves and Vine. I’ll have to come back and edit this post when I get all of these quilts finished.

A discussion of modern quilting and its definitions opens the book, leading to advice on sorting and storing your scraps. I love that even scrap storage can be both beautiful and practical.

If you’re in need of a review on basic quilting skills, you can find it here as well. There are instructions on tools and cutting, along with turning the pieced top into a quilt. The authors are clear that “modern” and “wonky” are not excuses for poor quilting skills. It’s just as important in modern quilting to do a careful job of cutting and piecing your quilt as it has always been.

Basically, I wish I lived next door to both of these ladies so I could raid their scrap bins and get started on my scrappy quilt collection today. Not only will this book be a treasured  addition to your collection, but it is also a great source of expert quilting advice and fun, improvisational patterns.

May all your stitches be straight!


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