Bali vs. Batik – What’s the Difference?

People are in love with bali and batik fabrics.  We recently asked our Facebook friends to “like” our status if Bali/Batik Fabrics were (one of) their favorite fabric groups. Clearly, we struck a chord since over one hundred people liked that status.

Bali Store Display

Do you know the difference between Bali and Batik fabrics? Are they the same thing? Does it have to do with where they come from?

Cathy Mark, one of our resident fabric gurus, describes the difference this way: They all start out as “Bali” since these are what can be considered the “solids.” It’s the fabric that you start with when you set out to make “Batik” fabrics. A Batik fabric is printed with a wood block (traditionally by hand) using a wax resist method, over the Bali (dyed) fabric.

Wikipedia has an extensive history on the subject of Batik fabrics if you are interested. For our purposes here, we will simply use our basic description from Cathy above and take a look at all of the wonderful ways to use these luscious fabrics today.

Bali Display Greens/Blues

Island Batik, one of our distributors of Bali & Batik fabrics, says “Our Batik Cotton is individually hand dyed and wax stamped with . . . exclusive designs. Each piece of fabric is created by our talented artisans reflecting the uniqueness of this time honored art.”

My current favorites among our Bali fabrics are anything with a sunflower print (999852 for example), and a relatively new line from Moda called Snow  Days, designed by Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts. I would very much love to create a quilt with these beautiful fabrics.

Jen's favorite bali fabrics

Any design or pattern can be made using Bali and Batik fabrics. We have an entire section of patterns created specifically for these wonderful fabrics. There are Bali applique, Bali quilt patterns, and Bali home decor sewing patterns.

Floral Wall Hangings

Quilts are especially stunning when made using Bali and Batik fabrics. It’s often not apparent at first glance that the fabrics are Balis. This Schnibbles pattern below (A16028) appears energized in this Mango Salsa colorway (fabric pack A15809). Made using blues and greens, the quilt would appear calm and soothing.

Bali Quilt

Really, there’s no sewing project that cannot be completed using Bali and Batik fabrics. Treat yourself to some special fabrics and get started on that project that’s been waiting for just the right time!

Bali Treats from Timeless Treasures

You can also see our new Beautiful Balis & Batiks board on Pinterest. We hope you’ll follow us there!

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