Erica puts rumor to rest …

Jennifer jumped the gun a bit when she said there was a rumor that I was working on a quilt from the Tula Pink book, Quilts from the House of Tula Pink (A18230)Quilts From the House of Tula Pink

At that time, I was working on the newsletters and getting ready to go to Viking Convention in Tucson. (It was a great convention, with great new products!) NOW I’m starting my Tula Pink quilt! Page 127 has Stacks, the quilt that intrigued me. Angela Walters quilted the quilts in Tula’s book.  I love Angela’s  Free-Motion Quilting (A17336).

Free Motion Quilting by Angela WaltersI used her Tiles quilting design on my last “modern” quilt, Ring Toss (A12651).Ring Toss Quilt

So I chose this quilt based on more quilting ideas from Angela. I enjoy the quilting process so much, and that’s how I decide on what quilt to piece. Look at the beautiful Bali fat quarters I’m using, along with a gray background. (Of course, Lacy had to check out the fabric, too.)Bali Fabrics with a Crafter Kitty

Since Bali fabric tends to have extra dye, and they’ll be against a light background, I knew I should set them with Retayne (40287); 4 oz. (40287), 16 oz. (18659).

Several are dark, so I put them together in the Retayne. (There are instructions on the bottle for machine washing.) Before putting them in the washer, I clipped the corners. Have you ever pre-washed several pieces of fabric and taken them out of the washer and the threads that frayed had the fabrics all tied together? Clipping all the corners prevents that. The photo on the right (below) shows the fabrics as I took them out. Every one of them separate! So much easier this way!

Pre-washed fabricsTesting Fabrics If you want to check your fabric for extra dye or possible bleeding when washed, you can swish it in hot water in a white or clear bowl. If the water turns a color, the fabric needs Retayne. Follow the instructions on the bottle.

Before cutting, I press all my fabrics using Best Press. That way, if there is some fabric I haven’t preshrunk using the Retayne (the gray, for instance,) it shrinks as I’m pressing with Best Press.

Today I’m cutting my pieces, so I truly am working on the quilt from the Tula Pink book now!

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