Get inn-spired

So THIS is what it’s all about!

I see the orders come through from our website, and so many included inn-spire. (A12785)

Natural Inspiration Leaf BowlsThen our Checker rep, Carolyn, (also the genius behind Far Flung Quilt patterns), showed me a fabric leaf packed in her sample bag, and told me to get an iron. The leaf was made using a pattern called Natural Inspiration Leaf Bowls. (A16973) The heat and steam of the iron allow you to shape your flat piece into a bowl!

So I wanted to try it, but decided to use one beautiful Bali fabric instead of doing the piecing shown in the instructions.

I used Steam-a-Seam 2 (93357), and followed the instructions to fuse the fabric to both sides of the inn-spire. Then, instead of tracing the leaf pattern, I used my ink jet printer and printed it out on Quilter’s Freezer Paper (36079) Quilter's Freezer Paper to give me the shape.

Since I only used one fabric, I didn’t have seams to cover. So I just drew the veins with my water soluble marker.Lines Drawn with Water Soluble Marker I used Candlelight Yellow (38668) in the bobbin and Smoke MonoPoly on top. (88027) (I’ve found that I use Smoke much more than Clear now. It really disappears well!) Anyway, I reduced my tension, dropped my feed teeth, put on my free-motion foot, and stitched over the veins I drew. Then I turned the piece over and followed the Candlelight thread I’d stitched the first time. The MonoPoly thread didn’t show on either side, and my leaf was completely reversible. For the thread ends, I used Liquid Stitch. (57949).Liquid Stitch It’s an amazing fabric glue and you can’t see where my Candlelight thread tails, (which can unravel,) end.

I cut out the leaf shape with my 7 ½” Perfect Scissors (A11652) and used my chocolate Fabrico Pen (82782) to color the white edges. I doubled the Candlelight, and zigzagged it to the edges with Smoke MonoPoly in my bobbin and on top. (I first practiced on some of the scraps I’d cut off, to see how I needed to adjust the treads.)

To shape it, I used a small glass bowl, Shaping the Leafand followed the instructions. If you don’t like the way it looks, heat it and do it again! To store your bowl for the next fall season, just heat it and flatten!Finished Leaf Bowl

Pumpkin Party BowlsThere’s another pattern, Pumpkin Party Bowls,  A17433, by the same designer, Poor House Quilts. But use your imagination and you’ll find other uses. You could do a poinsettia bowl on your own, use inn-spire for Angel’s wings, anything you want to shape. We also have inn-spire plus that has the fusible on both sidesso you can skip a step. It comes in a 9” x 12” sheet. (A18711)

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