Our Favorite Handmade Gifts

Yep. I’m still going on about gift giving. I just can’t help myself. It’s just this time of year. It’s so much fun to give and receive handmade gifts that I love talking about it.Gift Packages

Today I asked the staff, “What are your favorite handmade gifts to give or receive?”

First off, let me just say, that I don’t think these folks are eating breakfast because I got an awful lot of responses related to food. Of course there were the usual sweets and baked goods; caramels, fudge, cookies, candy, chocolates, breads. And early on I heard, “NO fruitcake!” As I continued throughout the store though, I heard that a certain someone’s mother has a fantastic fruitcake recipe. I guess you just never know with fruitcake.

Everybody(?) Loves Fruitcake!

The next most popular response was gifts made with yarn. Scarves, hats, gloves, washcloths, afghans (made with large needles/hooks and bulky yarn!). Both for giving and receiving, we love these items because they are relatively quick and easy, and fit most everyone! And, working with the yarn is a kind of gift for the maker, too, right?

OrnamentWe also love to make ornaments. I heard about ornaments made from styrofoam balls, glass balls, and even Perler Beads. I loved the idea of making an entire series of one item/ornament for different family members.

As far as quilted gifts go, there were coasters received, and crib quilts given. Apparently at gift giving time, we’re all about speed. )Large quilts take a lot of time, so they need to be started early!)

Some of the more unique gifts I heard about were jewelry, pillowcases for grand kids, and seasonal dimensional stuffed creatures or dolls (such as turkeys, pumpkins, and snowmen).

In general the sentiment when talking about handmade gifts is that no matter the medium or the gift, we appreciate them all. We know that they come from the heart of the giver. And, it seems, that many times handmade gift givers don’t receive many hand made gifts. So if you are making gifts this holiday season, consider making just one more for a favorite crafter ~ you!


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