First Sewing Lesson

Do you remember your first sewing lesson? I bet many of you do. Maybe hand stitching along while Mom, or Grandma used the sewing machine with you beside her.

The first thing I remember sewing is a pillow in Home Economics class in middle school. It was supposed to look like an ice cream sundae (I think?). And as I recall, the boys made skateboards.

This past weekend I sat down with my daughter, Sarah, and we finally had her first machine sewing lesson. She had been waiting FOR EVER! (According to her, of course.) She’s only five and a half. She can’t have been waiting that long. Sarah Learns to Sew

I’m pretty sure that ecstatic is not too strong a word to express how she felt about this experience. What we did was sew all of the machine’s stitches onto a single piece of fabric. It didn’t matter to her at all. She was in crafty heaven. Of course now I’m on the hook to find some projects for her to sew on her own (she thinks). I’m thinking a pillow case might be a good place to start.

Lace Up CardsIf you’re not sure where to start with your child, you could try an American Girl felt kit that comes with everything you need to complete the project. For even younger kids, Erica’s has Learn to Sew Lace Up Cards (43600). They have pre-punched holes and come with a needle and thread to learn hand sewing.

Maybe you’ve already been teaching your kids to craft and sew. Please share in the comments section, how you started, or maybe which projects you started with. We would also really love to hear about your early sewing experiences. Take a walk down memory lane with us, and share in the comments.

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5 thoughts on “First Sewing Lesson

  1. I lerned to hand embroidery pretty young. You would not proud of the back on the first ones I did, but I sure learned a lot. Then loved sewing in jr high and high school. Also taught beginning sewing at my local sewing store. My first machine was a gift from my great aunt. It was a protable. It was in a wooden case that must have weighed 50 lbs. It had the long shuttle bobbin and it was a true pain in the neck to use but again learned a lot. When I started teaching after college, the first thing I bought was a good sewing machine. Now I love my computerized machine. I am 72 and have been using a machine for 60 years and we have come a long way.

  2. My son Lee, now 34, would sit on my lap as a toddler and help me with my darning mending by operating the backward lever. He loved it and would help thread my needle many times when I couldn’t. His first project was a draw string bag he carried his Lego’s in. Later in what was called Home Ec back then, the class made a similar bag and the teacher could not believe he had made one when very young, so he took it to school and showed her. He made is curtains for his camper and people ask him where he got them, and hardly anyone believes he made them. I hated sewing when younger as I did not like sitting and being indoors. Love it now and have to be pried off my sewing chair! Quilting and making sock monkeys are favorites to sew.

  3. My granddaughter who is now eight years old had her first sewing lesson two years ago. I had her sew “x’s” across flannel squares. We were making a raggedy quilt. She arranged them into rows according. Then I put masking tape on the machine and she sewed the squares into rows. I sewed the rows together and she snipped the edges. Voila she made a quilt for her American girl’s doll bed.. She was so happy

  4. My granddaughter Abby is 17 and she learned to knit and crochet when she was in 3rd grade from a young gal who came for their enrichment class and taught them. She took to those two crafts quickly and was teaching others when she was in 4th grade…her teacher’s assistant. Now she is a senior in high school and has a senior project to complete by the end of the year. She wants to be a meteorologist and wants to put an emergency bag in each classroom for drills; tornado, fire etc with necessary first aid items included ( class roster, band aids, Kleenex, handiwipes, etc) and is starting to make about 50 red bags. We spent two days over Christmas break doing that. She learned to cut fabric, :”measured twice, cut once”, sew a straight seam, square up, iron/press, and add handles. She talked to all the 5th grade classes before break about safety preparedness and will do the same for other classes this semester. I have pictures if I knew how to send them to you.

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