Sew Simple Pinwheels (A16220)I took step-by-step photos as I cut some of the pieces for my Sew Simple Pinwheel wallhanging.

One can never have too many rulers!

I cut with 3 rulers, by first finding a ruler or square that has the measurement I need if possible. For the background I needed to cut 2 ½” by 5” rectangles.Lacy Step 1

So I cut 2 ½” strips.  Then I searched my ruler stash while Lacy held the strips down for me.  I found the Charm Wizard and two other convenient rulers/ squares.  (It doesn’t matter what sizes those two are.)Charming 5" Square

(The Charm Wizard is now being made by Creative Grids and called the “Charming 5″ Square (48089),” (I like Carolyn’s original name for it better.) You can see a video of it on our Product Videos page.

Step 1

1. I carefully layer several strips. I put my Charm Wizard near the right edge, where I have the selvedges. I cut them off to make a right angle. Then I nudge another ruler up against the left side of my Charm Wizard.

Step 2

2.  My Charm Wizard is measuring my 5 inches.  So I move it to the right and use the edge of the other ruler to make my cut.

Step 3

3.  After cutting, I snug my third ruler against the right edge of the one I used to cut.

Step 4

4.  I remove the one for cutting, and bump the Charm Wizard up against the left side of the third ruler, and I’m ready to repeat for the number of pieces I need to cut.

Lacy also had steps during my construction of this wallhanging.  You saw her Step 1, holding down the strips, above.

Lacy Step 2

Lacy’s Step 2.  Hold down Mama’s Steady Betty Pressing Board (40895).

Lacy Step 3

Lacy’s Step 3.  Hold down the little pieces.

Lacy Step 4

Lacy’s Step 4.  Hold down the bigger pieces.

Lacy Step 5

Lacy’s Step 5.  Hold down the quilt!

Until next time…


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