Order from Chaos

I’m pretty sure I’ve shared here at some point about how much I love all of the crafts that I try. I can actually only think of a handful that I’ve not yet tried.

However, it’s possible that my first love will always be cross stitch. I can remember making small Christmas ornaments, and a small teddy bear design for my cousin when he was born. Of course, those were the days before smart phones and taking pictures of e-ver-y-thing was the norm.

Cross Stitch StashSince I’ve been doing this for a while, I’ve amassed quite a collection of supplies.  At this point, my stash is a mess.

I’ve decided that today is the day I’m going to do something about it. At least one part of it. We’ll start with the floss.Loose Floss

This is where I’m at now.Floss Container

Not too bad really. Except all of those in the bag. Yeesh. I really don’t want to wind all of those around the plastic cards.

Instead I’m going to invest in the Stitch Bow system. They have floss holders (80170)  that are so simple to use. You simply place the skein of floss onto the holder, maintaining it’s original shape. The numbered paper fits right on, too, ensuring that you’ll know exactly which colors you have when you’re planning your next project.

Floss Holders The next step is to place all of your stitch holders into your binder inserts (80171), then place your inserts into binders. You could even sort them by color! Or by number! Can you tell I’m a little excited about this prospect?

And finally, for today, I’m going to put some into a Stitchbow Roll (58831).Stitchbow Roll  I think that will be a much better solution than the way I stored my last project supplies, don’t you?

Egg Crate Supplies

Maybe next time I’ll work on that pattern and fabric stash, but at least for now, I’ll be able to know which floss I have and not buy again what I already have.

Oh! And speaking of which floss I have, I have to show you my new favorite thing. We have the new floss lines from Sublime Stitching! My favorite is “Frosting” (A19654). Now, I’m off to find an embroidery project to use them for…

Sublime Stitching Floss

Happy xxx-ing,


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2 thoughts on “Order from Chaos

  1. Love your ideas for stash. I am a long time needlepointer and my stash is even more complicated with types of threads etc. I have a bit of organization to all of them, but more to do. Some of these threads are not cheap so I have them in 10×10 acid free storage containers.

  2. Ooh that floss is so pretty! I always feel a huge sense of satisfaction after having organised my craft stash! I got a great little winder for those cards where you just turn the handle and you can have the whole floss wound up in just a couple of minutes…it is a fantastic invention!

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