Patterns, Patterns Everywhere

I had the opportunity to travel a bit recently, and while I was away, I tried to notice everything around me. I had the most fun searching for patterns to photograph as inspiration for future quilts or drawings.

Hexagon FloorOf course, one of the first I found was the ever popular hexagon. I’ve mentioned before that it’s one of my all time favorites.

Some times even a very simple pattern can seem fresh or new. It just depends upon the colors, the size (unexpectedly large or small), or perhaps the placement of the shapes, or the combination of all three.

Black floor with color squaresLarge Sidewalk SquaresBrick Sidewalk

I also love finding a familiar pattern used in a way that makes you see it in a fresh way. This next one is pretty simple, really. Hexagons and triangles. But with contrasting colors it’s a rather bold pattern. The triangles at the bottom are pretty cool, too, broken up the way they are. My reflection in the glass only makes the whole thing more fun (to me, at least).Star of David Floor

This last image isn’t as much a pattern as just a cool image. When the building next door was torn down, the wall revealed parts of two advertisements that had been applied over the years. It reminded me of old, worn quilts that people would sometimes use as batting for a new quilt. There’s a lot of history inside those quilts. (And of course we don’t recommend this as older materials can’t stand up to the quality of new materials.)Advertisements on Building

So, have you ever looked for quilt or other craft designs in the world around you? Where do you find interesting color combinations?

Until next time, enjoy your world.


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One thought on “Patterns, Patterns Everywhere

  1. While traveling in Italy, you see old mosaic floors everywhere you go. I took tons of pictures of the most beautiful marble and mosaic floors and hope, someday, to turn them into quilt patterns. Some of them are simply amazing and stunning!

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