Spring is in the Air!

Here in Michiana, we were given a little taste of spring about a week ago. Of course, since it is the Midwest, snow threatened only a few days later and spring went back to its imaginary place for the time being.
Let us hope that the saying ‘April Showers Bring May Flowers’ is true. To top off our recent crazy weather, we have been constantly rained on.
Want to take a seat by the river? Good Luck!Image

It’s hard to even think about springing into summer within the next month or two, while we are still wearing coats..
For some people, like me, summer is probably the best time for crafting of any kind. I am in college, and without exams and papers to occupy my free time, I know that I’ll be wanting to start a few personal projects! As humans, we tend to be more productive and happier when the sun is out more. Even when we’re inside.

So, how does one combat the winter that just won’t take a hint?
Where can we gather inspiration for summer projects if not from color?
I’ll give you a hint. One remedy is not too far away.
Have you ever just taken time to come into the store and walk around? I feel like every time I do, my eyes settle on something new and delightful.

ImageIt is an entire world of color! They say that color alone can catch the eye and send the imagination off in a hundred directions. And what better to help than the completed projects displayed here for you!  So if you see something you like, we have patterns, even fabric packs, if you want yours exactly like ours! Our staff is crafty as well, and we would love to get excited with you about a new project! Make sure you bring it in when you’re done, though. We love to share here. Doing so might help someone else in a creative slump find motivation.

ImageSo, don’t let the lackluster weather bring you down. Spring will come to stay soon.  However, you might find that it has come right on time here at the store!

If you’re one of our web customers, we don’t mean to ignore you.  We’re still “Your Inspiration Destination!”  We try to inspire you on our website, in our weekly newsletters, our quarterly newsletters, and here on our blog!  We love seeing your finished projects, too, because you inspire us!

Whitney Pace, for Erica’s Craft & Sewing Center

One thought on “Spring is in the Air!

  1. What a wonderful surprise to get your article in my email from Ericas!!! Beautifully written and my sentiments everytime I am in the shoppe! In fact “the girls” always say to me, you back again? You just can’t stay away can you? My answer…. I will be here till the day I die. It is a wonderful place for inspiration and “the girls” always treat everyone special.

    Thanks Whitney….I hope you continue to enjoy and keep your heart and hands in the arts that bring you peace and joy!

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