Look at them Glow!

A20396b[1]As careful as I might be when I’m cutting strips, especially the whole width of the fabric (about 21”), my ruler might slip! Well, I’ve been using the Quilter’s Slidelock rulers for a few months, and now I can hardly cut without them! (A20396-A20398)

What is different about these is that when you press down, little rubber feet come down and really hold your fabric securely! Sharon (the designer,) calls these the retractable cutting system. You can see Sharon demonstrate the magic of the Slidelocks here. Since I have been cutting with two rulers for a long time, I had no learning curve. (See my information sheet on cutting with two rulers here.)

DSC00936There are two kinds and sizes: clear and lighted, in 14” and 24” lengths. I started off thinking I could manage with just the longer one. It wasn’t very long, until I got the 14” one. I just don’t want to cut without them! As for clear or lighted? I use the lighted ones because I don’t have too much light over my cutting table. The fluorescent green shows up against any color fabric and the edge really shows up. Here they are, sitting on my cutting table. (And of course, here’s Bernie, where he shouldn’t be! That bowl is the one we use to feed our smallest kitty, and we usually guard her bowl until she’s finished.)

DSC00938These Slidelocks aren’t actually lighted by batteries, but it almost looks like it. I happened to notice after I turned my lights off in the studio, how they glow with just the reflected light from the bedroom. Look at them glow!

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