It’s an Honor! and Make a Quilt Block for Simon.

At Quilt Market in Portland, Oregon several weeks ago, a wonderful machine embroidered quilt was revealed! Some say it was the cutest in the whole Market!
I went to the Lunch Box Quilts booth, and there it was!Image
And I feel responsible! After several years, my friend, Angie finally listened to my plea to satisfy all of us quilters and embroiders, with a cat quilt! I told her I wasn’t the only crazy cat lady in the world’s sewing rooms and studios. And, unlike dog lovers, in general, we love all kinds of cats! They don’t have to be a specific breed. (Angie grabbed a cat planter to be in the photo with us to emphasize the cat theme.)Image

Her response, finally (!), is Cat’s Meow. (A22604) Thank you, Angie! I love the quilt and its 10 sweet fur-people!!

Not onlyare they adorable,but she named one of them “Kitten Erica!


And here she is! Angie said she couldn’t make her purple, because of the balance of the quilt, but she made her tail purple! We’re going to have to make a store model of this one!

PS – the other cats are all cute, too, but obviously I’m partial to the kitten!) Angie, I’m honored to be in your quilt!

On a different note…

A word on behalf of another friend, Simon Haskins, Jenny’s talented son, He was recently diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer called Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL). Simon is currently undergoing Chemotherapy and will be for the next 2 or more years.

He’s requested that the Jenny (and Simon) Haskins quilting, embroidery and sewing communities make quilt blocks to be used in group quilts to raise money and awareness about ALL, to lead towards a cure. He’s doing a webinar on July 10, at 7PM CDT launch ‘Sunshine for ALL’ – The Leukaemia Quilt Project. If you’d like to be involved, they’re asking for an 8″ x 8″ block made any way you like, in orange, yellow and pink. The webinar will be short and give you all the information you need to get started and to say hello to Simon and wish him luck during his treatment, recovery and cure.Image

Here’s the link to register for the webinar:

Erica’s is going to send quilt blocks to Simon, so if you’d like to drop yours off, we’d be happy to include it in the package. This will be an ongoing project, but we’d like to help him get started in the next several months.  So bring them in as you can.  Thanks!

Image(We met Simon the first time he came from Australia to the US for a sewing machine convention, and Jenny asked us to watch out for him on that trip. Over the years, he’s become a dear friend, so this is especially meaningful to us. We’d love to have you participate with us. (Remember this one, Simon?)

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4 thoughts on “It’s an Honor! and Make a Quilt Block for Simon.

  1. That is so sad Erica. I have a friend who had a little one age 6 months that went through the treatment for 3 years. She is now 10 and doing well. I pray that he will have a positive outcome.

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