Simon Haskins’ Leukemia Quilt Project

If you’ve followed our blog or read our newsletter, you know about this project.  Our friend Simon, Jenny’s son, was recently diagnosed with a Simon_smallrare form of leukemia.  Instead of falling into depression (which I’m sure rears its head some days,) Simon turned to Facebook with all his friends and followers to let us be part of his treatment and recovery.  Wednesday night he launched his quilt project with a webinar.  If you didn’t attend the webinar, you can see it recorded here:     (Turn up your speakers, as it’s very soft and hard to hear in many places.)  You’ll hear about Simon’s journey to this point, see what an amazing and inspiring person he is, and hear a few words from his “Mum.”

We are happy to participate in Simon’s program, Sunshine for ALL and would like to encourage you, if you have time and would like to help, to make an 81/2″ block (which finishes to an 8″ block,) in orange, pink, and yellow, to be made into quilts to comfort children with this disease, and to be sold to raise awareness of this type of leukemia.Sunshine_smallerWe will be collecting quilt squares from anyone who cares to bring or send them to us, to help Simon on this journey to an ultimate cure, at Erica’s Craft & Sewing Center, 1320 N. Ironwood Dr., South Bend, IN, 46615.  We’ll also be having a “sew-in” for local people who want to come sew with us making quilt squares.  We’ll let you know as soon as we have details.

3 thoughts on “Simon Haskins’ Leukemia Quilt Project

  1. I am delighted that Erica’s Craft & Sewing Center is sponsoring dear Simon’s Leukemia Sunshine 4 All Project. Bravo!!
    I have already compleated three quilt blocs and plan to do as meny as possible. This way I help and feel accompaniying dear Simon through his total cure journey.
    Biserka Brito

    • Hi, Mary,
      His treatment is really long- He’s on round three of high dose methotrexate infusions, and he’s been nauseated for a long time now, with so much going on. He gets brief times out of the hospital between major treatments and treasures those times. It’s a long, hard road. People are still making 8 1/2″ blocks and bringing them in or sending them to us to send to him. There is now a “Sunshine 4 ALL” wristband. are only $10 (including shipping anywhere) with 100% of the proceeds going to support The Leukaemia Foundation. To purchase a wristband visit It supports people with blood cancer. We appreciate your concern for Simon. We think about him often too.

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