Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty!

Ty 2We had our annual Sidewalk Sale and Humane Society Benefit on July 12th and 13th.  Thanks to everyone who brought in donations, both monetary and food. The Humane Society appreciates it all!

On Friday morning we had the pleasure of hosting many kittens needing “furever” homes. There were several black kittens like this one, and I wanted to take them all home!.

Did you know that black cats are the hardest to find homes for? Sad to know that superstition of the black cat causes this. (Although my mother said that since she was born in October, they were lucky for her!) St Joe County has over 600 cats right now, of all colors and breeds. We got almost all our cats over the years from there, and they’ve given us such pleasure, DSC00072whether it’s helping with my sewing, like Lacy,

or just hanging around like Puccini, “Pooch” restingfor short!

It seems that cats are  favorites of many sew-ers and quilters.We feature Crafter Kitties in our quarterly newsletter. (I could use more photos right now.  See details in the newsletter.)

Cat_in_the_hatCats are a favorite subject for patterns and fabric, too. For instance, we have Cat in the Hat Cuddle fabric 999602,

A22664applique like Cat’s Meow A22664, which is also available for machine embroidery A22604, (by the way, if you didn’t read a previous post, the first kitten on the right is named “Kitten Erica!)

and the machine embroidery CD Hankie Blankie Pets’ Faces 13864, to make a cuddly blanket with an animal head 13864b(pattern instructions on the CD).

902733We can’t leave out

Laurel Burch’s famous cat fabric!

And even Laurel Burchslipper socks! A18972!

Besides fabric and patterns, if you can find a place in your home and heart, please visit your local Humane Society or Rescue. (There are dogs there, too!)

Until next time, here’s to purr-fect sewing and quilting projects!


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4 thoughts on “Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty!

  1. Our cat is black with long fur and so spoiled!!!

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  2. I LOVE black cats- I’m on my fourth one right now (in the last 40 years!) and we adopted her from the St. Joe humane society about a year ago. She is a little sweety- she follows me and talks to me and is a great companion.

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