Have Needle, Will Travel..to a comfortable chair!

I don’t do much hand sewing.  Not that I don’t enjoy it, but if I can use my sewing machine and get it  done more quickly, that’s where I head.  So when I do need to do some hand sewing, I like to know where my components are and do it more easily.  I always look for a sewing notion that fits my idea of what I want, but if I can’t find one, I start thinking for myself.

This is what I did.

I found the kitchen. (Just a joke!  I do DSC01185know where it is.  It’s the room that has that thing we keep the frozen food boxes in!)  I found a container I could use (mine is about 5” diameter) that would hold what I need.

I used an awl to make a hole in the top.

Then I put my supplies in it;    a few DSC01194neutral color threads (purple is a neutral for me), my thimble, a piece of felt with some needles and a few pins, and my favorite thread clipper 20821, on my Zinger,   A16253.


When I have something that requires hand sewing, I pull out my little travel kit, move to a comfortable chair, and put my scissors zinger on my blouse.  DSC01197Then I thread my needle, push it up through the hole in the top and close my container.  The thread will spin inside as I use it, and not roll away and become a dangerous cat toy!

Do you have a favorite way to keep your hand sewing supplies?  Please leave a comment below and tell us.

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5 thoughts on “Have Needle, Will Travel..to a comfortable chair!

  1. I like your idea a lot, especially the way you use the thread! How do you attach your favorite clippers to the zinger? I currently keep my hand sewing supplies in a little quilted container the size of a large frozen o.j., like a tube. The ends are can lids covered with quilted fabric too. It ties with a ribbon. Cute. But not as secure as yours!

  2. Here I thought I was the only one who created their own little containers. I love containers, mine happens to be a powdered lemonade container, it started out its second life as a rotary cutter holder but then I found a purple one yes indeed a purple one. So then it became my hand sewing kit. I do however love your idea of the thread coming though the hole in the top I will be adding that feature. Thanx mo

  3. I like to put my bobbin in the little bag extra buttons come in. I use the color thread I need in the bobbin and thread a needle poke it thru the bottom of the bag and pull out what I need. I leave a tail of thread sticking out the hole to thread the needle……..no bobbin falling on the floor.

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