You can WEAVE these??

Do you remember friendship bracelets? They were usually done with any color embroidery floss in a variety of designs, braids, and patterns. When I was younger, these were very popular. Some kids would make enough to cover nearly their entire forearms!
Well, friendship bracelets are still around, but here at Erica’s, we have something to spice up the idea of the classic friendship bracelet. It’s called a Rainbow Loom, and it’s become somewhat of a healthy obsession for a few of my younger cousins.

logoRainbow Loom projects consist of several little latex-free rubber bands that you can link together for endless possibilities in quick and simple-to-follow steps.
Newcomers  can start with a simple bracelet, and then work themselves up to more complex designs fitted for all skill levels. logoThe creator of Rainbow Loom has a youtube channel that takes you step-by-step through a large batch of projects, which makes the instructions much easier if you get stuck. There are even instructions on how to make a functional mini handbag! some people, once they get the hang of how to link the bands together, create their own designs.

logoSince they are composed of rubber bands, there is a stretch to the links so any jewelry piece you make will easily slip on and off, which sure beats the days of having to cut off a friendship bracelet to remove it. Specially made and latex-free, they are also safe for sensitive skin!

Everything you need to get started is included in the very affordable initial kit (pictured below). You’ll get a Rainbow Loom®, Mini Rainbow Loom®, hook, a bag of c-clips, instruction manual and 600+ mix rubber bands (colors may vary). With all of this, you can make up to 24 bracelets! We also have bags of 600+ rainbow bands with c-clips where you can pick your own favorite colors to craft with.

This new and creative craft is so much fun, and is already becoming very popular. It is bound to grow even more, especially through the holiday season, as word gets out.   Surely the Rainbow Loom is a perfect match for someone on your list this season!

(Image credit: Rainbow Loom)

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