Better to Spray it than Take Out All the Stitches!

I’m still quilting my last Quilter’s Celebration MyMy Quiltstery Quilt.  In the photo I had taken it off the Handi Quilter Fusion to take it to our Reveal Party. ( I stabilized the whole quilt in order to do that.)

In trying to figure out how to quilt it, I considered the fact that many of the fabrics I used have tulips in them.  I remembered an exercise I did in my Art and Stitch Software, where we started with a drawing of a tulip and worked with it to digitize a tulip wreath.  It was perfect to with my Handi Quilter Pro-Stitcher in the larger squares.wss thread

I looked at the center square and thought I’d put the tulip wreath in the center of it, but I didn’t know if I wanted it to show up a lot or be in the background.  So I put water-soluble thread on the bobbin.  Vanish Extra is a thin, water-soluble thread that dissolves easily with water.  It comes on a 2000 yard cone (36217) or a 300 yard spool (36218).  

sample with thread I put my dark purple in the top, and stitched out enough of the design to see if I liked it or not.  I did!

DSC01227All I had to do was spray that part of the quilt with water.  Shortly the bobbin thread disappeared, leaving the top thread laying there free.  I pulled the purple thread away.

DSC01229So I started again and stitched the whole tulip wreath.

You can do this any time you aren’t sure if you’ll like a certain thread.  I did it years ago when I was quilting my daughter Cathy’s Hot Chocolate quilt.  There were separate scenes  with snowmen.  One was an evening scene with the sky a dark blue.  I tried a sparkly thread and free-motioned stars and loops.  I didn’t like the effect at all.  The glitter just didn’t go with the country-feel of the piece.  So I sprayed the section and removed the thread.  I got practice free-motioning the design for when I did it with the “right” thread.

Maybe you can use this hint sometime and save yourself from having to undo a lot of stitching.

We start our new Mystery Quilt, Quilter’s Dessert, in November, and we’d love to have you join us!  We have a great selection of fabrics to work with or you can choose your own.

(To find an item on our web page after clicking on the highlighted words, hold down the “Ctrl” key and touch F.  Enter the item number in the box, press enter, and you’ll be taken to that item.)

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