This Cat-astrophy = Success for Everyone!

Our Humane Society had a Cat-astrophic Cat Crisis Mega Event last week.  With over 600 cats needing “furever” homes, Dr.Carol Ecker and her staff had a meeting to brainstorm ideas to help these kitties.  One Saturday from 11am to 5:30, they offered free lunch and free cats!  When they came up with this idea, no one had any idea how it would go over.

Since Dick and I are avid supporters of the St Joe County Humane DSC01327Society, we went over at about noon to see what was going on.  As we approached, we saw a man happily going to his car with a cat carrier, so we knew at least one cat was “going home.”  When we went in, we could hardly believe our eyes!  The lobby was wall-to-wall people!

We went in farther and saw a long line of people patiently waiting their turn to get their paperwork finalized.  One lucky lady below is going to be a DSC01328companion for two new kitties!  That line got longer the longer we were there.  We went to where lunch was being served and that room was almost empty!  These people hadn’t come for a free meal.  They came to find just the right cat for their home.  These cats were all neutered or spayed and had the shots they needed for their age.  (The fee is always waived for cats 3 years and older.)

DSC01329 Going into the cat area, (behind the line of people with their carriers,) we could see people in all the rooms, from the kitten room to the seniors  room.  These were all unlocked, unlike normal days, and a potential new parent or sibling of DSC01330the cat was able to enter, and some of the cats picked their companion, which made choosing a little easier.  The cats were certainly not used to this kind of activity and some were especially shy,  I was only able to help for a short time, but it was a wonderful experience.

If people couldn’t adopt, they could contribute to the cat condo fund, which is what we did.  Having recently found our “new feline family” after loosing our beloved Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Beethoven, and Kassi at different times over the years.  In just a few months we lost the three we had at the time.  We suffered terribly and knew we would never “replace” them in our hearts.  But that left us with a lot of love to give and catwalks and ramps begging to be used.  We knew they would have wanted us to give others the opportunity to be additional cats in our hearts, so we quickly went to the Humane Society to start our  DSC00954wonderful new family.

Our current cats  have settled in, and all three are quilting companions.  How could you resist these fantastic felines?  already a sew-erDSC06837

Please visit your local shelter if you can find space in your heart and home.

7 thoughts on “This Cat-astrophy = Success for Everyone!

  1. Thanks for the report. I thought it was a great idea but I didn’t know it was so successful. I haven’t read the latest newsletter yet.

  2. Oh, I so love hearing stories like this! All our pets are adopted ones, we would go no other way! I always enjoy seeing your feline family. 🙂

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