English Paper Piecing

Tree Skirt Display

We started bringing our Christmas ornaments out of storage at home this past week and there were a few things I just couldn’t find. I haven’t figured out yet if they’re packed away someplace odd or if I gave away some things without remembering. One thing we actually haven’t used in a couple of years is a tree skirt because I just haven’t really found one that I liked. It may be time to make one for myself.

The skirt in the display above is made using English Paper Piecing. We’ve talked before about my love for hexagons, so this just seems like a great idea to me. You can use any size hexagons you’d like, but the skirt above is made using the 3/4″ pieces (A21116). These are the perfect size for use with 2-1/2″ pre-cut fabric squares. As you can see in the picture below, they fit perfectly and you only have to remove a very small amount of fabric from the corners.Trim & Baste

If you’re new to English Paper Piecing, you can give it a try by using our Beginner Paper Piecing Kits (A21178 and A21179), which include everything you need to get started; a charm pack, thread, a needle, paper pieces, and instructions!Starter Kit A21179

One reason I really love paper piecing is that it’s so simple to work on a little bit at a time. It’s super simple to do your basting while watching television with your family. Then you can work on sewing together your pieces while you’re sitting in the car pool lane. I also really love that they can be used as a quilt top or applied as applique to your quilt top, either by hand or by machine. The possibilities are endless!

Even if you’re not interested in working on a tree skirt, there are so many projects you can get started on making with English Paper Piecing. And there are so many pre-cut shapes, not just hexagons. I’m only slightly less obsessed with dresden plates than I am hexagons. Maybe I’ll go on about those another time.

Well, I think we all know what I’ll be working on this weekend. How about you?


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