Last Minute Label

I don’t suppose you ever do this, but sometimes I leave things to the last minute.

DSC01495We were having dinner with Kellie and Brad a week before Christmas.  I had a gift, a quilt I made that had hung in the shop until we needed space for something else.  I knew they’d like it.  But I didn’t have a labellabel for it!

So I took a photo of part of the design on the front of the quilt, put it in my computer and added my dedication and sentiment.  I printed it on Printer Fabric (28450), cut it out with my pinking shears (A19048), and used Aleene’s OK to photoWash-It (29977 to attach it to the back of the quilt.  Caution – if you have it on the quilt upside down, be sure to find that out before the glue is dry!  Voice of experience!)

Anyway, they did like their Christmas Ribbons quilt (A11221), and never knew it was a last minute label!  Have you left something to the last minute?  Tell us in the reply section.

For those of you following our Remmycat family, meet Rembrandt, (he’s the one on the far right.)

We call him “Remmy,” when we’re not calling him “bring that back!

A few months after he left stolen undiesthe Humane Society to live with us, he stole the first item, my mesh laundry bag.  Then underwear, (Dick’s or mine- he was diplomatic.)  Then he progressed to pieces of fabric on my cutting table, things out of waste baskets, even silverware!  Every day there’s something new he’s taken.  He looks so funny when he runs off with one of Dick’s shirts, stepping on it and stumbling as he runs from us, but he’ll keep going until we catch him.  We’re having to hide almost everything.  Whenever something’s missing, we know who took it, (unless, of course we just don’t remember where we put it.)  I’m really hoping this is a stage he’ll grow out of, because although it’s funny, he does chew on things and makes holes in clothing and fabric.

But, like the rest of the family, we love him and can’t imagine life without him.  So that’s our latest feline adventure.  Stay tuned…    Tell us in the reply section, about the unusual things your cat does.  And also send me photos- I need more for our Crafter Kitty pages.

Until next time…   Erica

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6 thoughts on “Last Minute Label

  1. We have two cats, brothers, the bigger one opens cupboard doors and I often find the door to my dishwasher down. It’s actually dangerous to walk through my house in the dark. He opens the cupboard door above my refrigerator and crawls in for a spell while his brother watches and can’t figure out how to do it. Love them,!!!

  2. I had a quilt that was backed with purple polyfleece and didn’t want to put a label on the fleece, as it would show up so much and cover the quilting design.
    “Sew” as I was free-motion quilting, I “wrote” the label info with my quilting thread along one of the borders.

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