Remember Potholder Looms?


Remember making potholders as a kid? Well, they’re back, and so much fun for kids and adults alike!

Looms can be made of either metal or plastic. High quality looms are made of metal and will last for generations. Plastic looms can bend or even break if you’re not really careful. And if the edges bend or warp, your potholder can even slip off.

Metal looms are very strong, durable, and they hold their shape, leading to a much less frustrating experience. With metal pegs, there’s no way your design will warp or bend. And the pegs are smooth with rounded edges, so they’re safe for kids or all ages to use.


Use single colors to make quick and simple potholders.



Or combine colors to celebrate your school spirit or your favorite sports team!


You can find the loom and loops on Erica’s Loops and Looms for Kids page. The Deluxe Metal Hand Weaving Loom & Hook kit contains a metal loom, approximately 7″ x 7″, and a metal hook. Cotton loops are sold separately and are available in 14 colors as well as a set of assorted colors. The fun and possibilities are endless!loom3web

Loom Shown Above: Deluxe Metal Hand Weaving Loom & Hook
83173 $8.90

Happy Weaving!

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