Locker Hooking 101

Locker HookingThe most fun and relaxing craft that you might not be doing is called Locker Hooking. It’s a personal favorite of mine since I love to create larger scale projects with minimal cost and enjoy the process along the way. Locker hooking is one of the most relaxing creative processes I have tried.

The basic tools are pretty straightforward.  You need mesh canvas for your base, fabric strips to create the design, locker hooking twine (86992) (or yarn), and your locker hook (86993). A locker hook looks just like a crochet hook, except that it has an additional eye on the opposite end of the hook, which is how you pull the yarn through your fabric loops.

Locker Hook rug in progress

As you can see above, your fabric strips sit below the mesh, so you can pull loops up, and then “lock” them with your twine/yarn. When you come to the end of your yarn, you just tie a knot and go on. The knot will be hidden inside your loops.

While I tend to focus primarily on making rugs, you can make just about anything using locker hooking. We have several great books full of ideas how to embellish your life with locker hooking. Kathleen’s Fabric Locker Hooking (18004) is great for a beginner with all of the basics covered well. Once you’ve mastered the process you might want to move on to home decor and fashion accessories with Hook, Loop & Lock (44063).  Take a look at all our Locker Hooking books and supplies..

booksAs always, please let us know what you decide to make, and send pictures! Until then, happy hooking!

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