Is it Paper or Fabric?

Have you seen our new “fabric?”  The manufacturer calls it PaperA23502 Fabric, and it’s a rugged paper that looks, feels, and wears like leather, but sews, cuts, and washes like fabric. It’s supple and lightweight, but strong enough to use for projects that get tough wear.

I’ve used the brown for two projects.  White DSC01426and black should be here soon, giving us even more options.

The first thing I made was the bag from the instructions included in the package.  I was surprised how easy it was to sew!  A10057

I used Transfer Artist Paper (A10057) to put a copyright-free image on the flap.  It worked beautifully, though I notice in my photo that it’s slightly crooked.  (Maybe you wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t said it!  Oh, well, I never said I was perfect!)

I  “marked” the folds of the bag with a Hera Marker (85259 – it’s at the very bottom of our web page.)  I’ve also DSC01322used the Hera Marker for “marking” embroidery placement without any kind of ink or chalk.

Instead of pins, we use Wonder Clips on this kind of fabric, leather, or vinyl.  (A12995) Keep them close to the edge to avoid “teeth marks.” In this photo you can see the DSC01340difference between this inside flap that I washed, and the unwashed fabric below it.

When I decided to reduce the weight of my purse, the first thing to go was the heavy ready-made wallet!  I made myself a new one, using the Easy Zip 40698Wallet pattern (40698), paper fabric, and cotton.  I made it even easier by not putting a zipper around the outside edge.

To add an inside zipper, I kept it straight by taping it to my cutting mat.  Then I used Double Face Basting Tape  DSC01332 copyDSC01333(86508) on the piece I wanted to add the zipper to.  You can see it above right, before I took the paper off.  Then I just sewed along the edge to secure the zipper.

I like to have my wallet in my purse in a way that my credit and loyalty cards are easy to get out without removing the wallet.  So the other thing I changed was the direction of the inside slots.  I made them all open toward the top of my purse.  If you’ll be taking your wallet out of your purse, use her instructions for the zipper and the slots.

Here it is, inside and outside.  There are slots for everything!  I love it!DSC01354 copyOf course I had help all along the way.DSC01346

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4 thoughts on “Is it Paper or Fabric?

  1. I have a question more then a comment. It says it looks and feels like leather — but cuts and sews like fabric. Do you need to finish the edges by hemming or overlocking or is it like leather in that it doesn’t fray? I am thinking of using it on the bottom of a quilting bag — the bottom really gets “abused” when it is put on a floor or in a vehicle, etc.

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