You Can Glue It as You Do It!

59401I’ve been using Glue-Baste- It (49401) or Appli-Glue (40415) for binding quilts.  And I will continue using this technique for my first step.  You put 5” or 6” of a thin line about 1/8”inside the raw edge of your quilt.  40415Lay the binding on top of that lining up the raw edges.  Then you press that part with an iron.  It dries the glue immediately, and you move on to the next 5” or 6” and repeat.  This keeps you from stretching your binding, which can easily happen if you’re adding the binding at the machine.  Turn corners as you usually do, and join the ends of the binding.  It’s all stabilized and ready to take to your sewing machine.  (If you’re machine stitching the binding, your glue will be applied to the back of the quilt as you add the binding.  If you want to hand stitch, your glue will be applied to the front.)

This is where I vary from my previous method!  When I sew the binding to the quilt,. I do it with fusible thread in my bobbin.  Wind the bobbin slowly, but you don’t have to do it by hand.  I like YLI Fusible Thread DSC01597best because it’s thicker than others, so it fuses more easily.  Keep your thread and filled bobbins in an air tight plastic bag.

Anyway, since you DSC01598have fusible thread on the bobbin, all you need to do is turn the binding and press it to have the glue hold the binding in place!  In the photo on the right, you can see the white fusible thread.  On the left you can see the binding already fused.  You could pull it loose, but is stays well as you stitch.  And no pins to bite you if you’re hand stitching.

Do you think you’ll try this, or do you have a better way?  Please comment below.

Until next time,                 Eri


PS, for those of you following our adventures with Remmy (our kitten,)  he ran off with a bag of asparagus the other day!

6 thoughts on “You Can Glue It as You Do It!

  1. I want to try this method. Sounds much easier then using the Elmers glue, this is the way I have been doing it. Thank you for this idea.

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