What a Weekend that Was!

It’s hard to believe we opened the store 40 years ago.  I was but a child 1st flyerback then!  I wrote a short recap about our 40 years in business in my Ericatorial in our latest newsletter.  It’s on pages 2 and 3, but feel free to read the whole newsletter if you have time!cake

April rolled around and it was Party Time!  Here Dick and I, along with two of our kids, Bill and Cathy, (referred to in my Ericatorial) showed off the cake with our logo.  These two who hated working for the shop years ago are now proud owners with us.

Five years ago we had our 35th store anniversary.  So this year, I figured, would be about the same, just 5 years later! How wrong I was!  So much happened!  In fact there was so much, that you’re going to have to wait for the next installment to see more!!

Let’s start with the excitement for out guests.  Our gift for them was 20% off (almost) all regularly priced merchandise.  We also had a drawing for a $40 Gift Card each day. Friday’s winner was Joan Gallivan, from right here in South Bend.  Saturday’s winner was also from South Bend, Sharon Boyd. That’s amazing, considering the hundreds of entries there were with people coming from miles around!

We weren’t the only one giving out gifts. A generous fabric company sent us wonderful gifts to give away during our celebration.  We had drawings every few hours, and if people didn’t win the big prize, they got a coupon for their next visit, so there were no losers! And strangely winner 1enough, none of the big winners were from South Bend this time.


First winner, on Friday, was Samia Schrom from Plymouth, IN.  Just look at all the fabric in that box!  Lucky lady!



winner 2


Cathy and I were happy to present the next winner her prize.  Kate Alexander from Goshen, IN, was very happy, too!

winner 3




Another winner was Loretta Gill from Michigan City, IN. I told her I’d considered taking everything out of that beautiful cat bag before I brought it out for her.  She never would have known!  But I restrained myself and I was glad I had, because we could hardly get her to stand still for the photo, she was so excited about it.



Do you think Lori winner 4Stoneburner from Warsaw, IN was happy about winning this generous basket of fabric?  Just look at that beautiful smile!





The first recipient of a big gift on Saturday was Lavera Ames, from Plymouth, IN.  She’d been shopping in the Yarn Department when we had her pick a slip to see if she got a coupon or a special prize, and guess what she won!




Next was Tracy Wiltfong, Michigan City.  She was thrilled with her bundle, too.  There was a lot of fabric in that bag! But do you think Tracy had enough fabric?




Not five minutes later, I caught her getting more fabric!  (One can never have too much fabric!)




Here’s Sue Desmet, from Stevensville, MI.  She was really excited when she saw this treasure chest full of goodies!  And who wouldn’t have been!



Now lucky ladies, what we may have forgotten to tell you, is that you have two weeks to come back and show us what you made from these!

It was so much fun surprising people with wonderful gifts, and we really appreciate the generous donor who made it possible!Sparky

Stay tuned for more excitement in our second installment!  Hint: Cathy sent in the clown!  (and lots more surprises!)

Until next time,

signature purple


                                 Happy Easter!

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