What a Weekend! Part Two…

To continue with our wonderful 40th Anniversary CelebrationSparky

As I said last week, Cathy sent in the Clown! Sparky was fantastic. Of course he made me a purple cat. He also made wonderful balloon animals and hats for our staff. Here are Kim’s and Diane’s, but my favorite was this one ~ Laura had to duck to get through doorways!  (I’ll have more balloon photos in my July newsletter online.group

The kids loved Sparky, too. They could look at lots of pictures and DSC01704choose what they wanted him to make. Maria chose a hobby horse, because Grandpa McCoy carved her a real one! Such talent! (Grandpa and Sparky!)


Some of our oldest sales reps came, too. Well, not oldest, but ones whocheckerreps have called on us for years and years. Jim Mc Donald, from Checker Distributors is in the center, with our rep and friend, Carolyn, and Dick. I could swear Jim was just a teenager when he started coming to us at the “old store.” (We still call the one we were in for 20 years the “old store,” even though we’ve been in our “new store” 20 years too, now.)2014-04-11 10.31.33-2

Pete Holmes has been with us forever, from various companies. And we’re so glad!  When we met him, he even had hair!  Now he’s got that handsome bald head!

Brewer rep, Linda White, 2014-04-11 10.19.26came from a distance to be here. We first met her as a fellow sewing machine dealer (and I’ll always remember her giving me meds at a banquet in Switzerland, since I was sick and we were traveling the next day.Nancy copy

Nancy Roelfsema a great rep from Notions Marketing even helped cut fabric for us and I couldn’t believe we didn’t get a photo of her, but here’s a nice one.  We do appreciate all your help!

2014-04-11 11.13.57Mary Ann Lienhart-Cross has been my Sewing Club buddy for the 30 years we’ve been doing it, and a great teacher and friend even before that.  Her husband, Mike, is extremely supportive!

  Chris Sikorski Chris Sikorski has been with us since before day one! She worked for the trucking company that delivered our first shipment, before we opened! She has since retired, but continues to shop with us.

Our guest from farthest away?  Tammy Stephens, DSC01708on the right, is from Melbourne, Australia!  She found something here that her mother-in-law couldn’t find at home.  Her friend, Rose Jemcor was originally from Nova Scotia, Canada, but lives here in South Bend now.  Welcome!

We were honored to have some dignitaries with us, too. jeffreaJeff Rea is     currently the President & CEO of the St. Joseph County Chamber of Commerce, but was an admired mayor of our sister city Mishawaka before that.

deputy mayor

Deputy Mayor Mark Neal, is serving as South Bend’s Deputy Mayor while Mayor Pete Buttigieg is on active military duty in Afghanistan with the United States Navy 2014-04-11 13.47.12Reserve. He gave us a congratulatory letter from the Office of the Mayor.


We received 2014-04-11 10.59.50recognition with a letter from our United States Senator Joe Donnelly.



We were declared “Distinguished Hoosier” with a certificate from the 2014-04-11 11.00.32Governor, Michael Pence.



2014-04-11 10.36.56

There was another honor that means so much to cat lovers like us. Carol Ecker, Director of the Humane Society and Alexis Fredricks, Adoption Specialist who helped us choose our current cat family told us that there will be a bench in the garden in front of the building that will have our names etched in it!  Carol’s been a friend since “the old building,” when she had time to do needlepoint.


It was a wonderful weekend, one we’ll certainly remember forever. Thanks to everyone who came to our celebration and had anything to do with  it, like our great staff.



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