Quick Tip!

I got a knot in my thread the other day and it reminded me of something I was taught years ago.  Maybe you know about it, or knew about it and forgot about it, or might like to know about it!

I tried to take photos, but no matter what I did, the photos weren’t any good. I’m not an accomplished photographer, and so many of the things I want to show, I need to use two hands for, and who holds the camera?? Besides that, there was a shadow along the thread, so I finally decided to quit fooling around with Photoshop and draw it!  So here goes!

Let’s say your knot looks like this:

Before you quickly jump in and it gets tight, notice that the loop slants to the left.knot

All you need to do, is pull the loop in the other direction. (This is where the third hand would come in handy for a photo!) knot 2

Any way, pull it that direction, and the knot comes out!doneHappy Mother’s Day! I hope you have time to rest and relax.

Just be sure your box is big enough to stretch out! Lacy in boxDSC00553

6 thoughts on “Quick Tip!

  1. I have done something like this for years, but it was by guess and by golly. Now that I know to look for the direction of the loop it will be much easier! Thank you for the tip, it will come in handy as I do a lot of hand sewing! Love your kitties! And they will find the smallest possible box to cram into it seems, our Leeloo does the same thing 😀


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