Sewing room Organization

I’m an organizer by nature, and I’m in the middle of cleaning my sewing room. It’s so easy for sewing rooms to become an enormous mess, isn’t it? Mine is still messy, but I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. And I have a few things that really help me clean up quickly, so I thought I’d share them.

My favorite space-saver and organizer is my “design wall.” I put it in quotes because all it really is, is a piece of batting tacked to the wall. I tacked Warm & Natural Cotton Batting on a small wall and put my quilt squares up on it as I make them. It’s a big space-saver because I don’t have to find a clear surface to stack my blocks on. And it keeps my room just a bit neater, and allows me to see how the quilt will look as I make it. And yes, one of my blocks is falling off. That’s the way it goes sometimes!sewingroom1Warm & Natural Cotton Batting

I also put my ruler (with Gypsy Gripper attached,) on top of my Quilter’s Cut N Press (15842) with any fabric that I’m working on. That way, when I have time to work on something, it’s stacked and ready to go.

sewingroom2Fabric shown here is High Street by Lily Ashbury for Moda.
Dark Pink Flower Circles (905286)
Sage Star Print (905290)

And my favorite organizational tool is another one I made myself. I took an embroidery hoop and used small pieces of scrap fabric to make a pocket. You can make this as simple or as elegant as you want. I didn’t sew anything together – I just put the two fabrics in the hoop, tightened it, and pinned the fabric to the back. But if you had more time, you could add pockets or even use embroidery work. I like to change out the fabrics to match the season but you could also use a colored embroidery hoop to add more color. You can see all of Erica’s needlework hoops on our Hand Embroidery Hoops and Frames page.

sewingroom3This fabric is from an older French General line from Moda, but you could do something very similar with French General Favorites Pearl and Rouenneries Deux by French General.

In my organizer, I keep my Olfa 45mm Rotary Cutter, floral embroidery scissors (52850), TrueGrips (60954), Marking Tool, and a 96″ tape measure (73605). And whatever else I might want to stash there!

And then there are baskets! I love baskets. You can clean up so quickly by stacking fabric in them, and your room instantly feels cleaner. I have a bunch of baskets but my favorites are my charm pack basket (with some fat quarters in it, too) and my project basket. I love to use large baggies to keep my fabrics for certain projects together.


sewingroom5So those are my favorite organization tools for my sewing room. I’m always looking for more organizational ideas so feel free to share yours in our comments section below!

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Happy Organizing!

2 thoughts on “Sewing room Organization

  1. I love the hoop idea – I have some very large hoops and I am going to use one of them to make a pocket holder – thanks for all of your great organizational suggestions.
    One that I have is a tool box – I purchased a ‘girly’ looking tool box that is in perfect to store small things – like seam rippers (you know you have more then one!) and the like and I keep that tucked right under my sewing table at arms reach. Also I purchased a fisherman’s box and I have my floss on individual little cards and it fits right in the little slots in this box – each type of floss has it’s own section – love it and so handy to cart with me on vacation.

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