The Good and the Bad of It…

The best thing about using monofilament thread is that you can’t see it!1The worst thing about using monofilament thread is that you can’t see it!

So that makes it hard to thread, especially if you have a machine without a built-in needle threader, or a longarm quilting machine.

The first thing to do is to use a black marker and color a few inches at the cut end.. 2Next, put a white piece of paper or batting, under or behind the needle.3

If you have good eyesight and aim, you may be able to thread it after these steps.

If not, tweezers will help. I love my Clover Thread Tweezers.   (77760) 77760

4I first used these tweezers to remove machine embroideries gone wrong, like when my kitten thought the moving hoop on my sewing machine was an amusement park ride! (To see how it works for that purpose, go to our Product Video page and go all the way to the bottom.)

Failing the tweezers solution, we have a terrific needle threader! (50507) 50507The Needle Threader and Inserter (50507) has a threader at one end (shown in use below) and an inserter for flat backed needles at the other end. 6

6See the blob on my threader near my thumb? It’s Blu-Tack that you can get at an office supply store to put posters on your wall. I keep my threader stuck to my machine with it, to keep it handy.

Sewing and quilting machines have different personalities, but mine likes Monopoly, both clear (84629) and smoke (88027). I find that smoke seems to blend with more of my fabrics than clear, but I use both.DSC01885

Sue Hausmann was here a few weeks ago and presented a fantastic program.  So, as Sue says…  Happy Sewing!

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2 thoughts on “The Good and the Bad of It…

  1. I had clear thread in my machine. Apparently I caught a tail of thread on mg clothes. I walked down he hall, about 25ft and felt something. I finally found it was that thread. I traced it back to the machine after I had walked all over the sewing room. I had yards and yards all over. You could not see it, just follow the thread!!! it was a laugh and a lot of wasted thread.


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