Stitch by Number

A27074Happy Hollow has made foundation piecing easier than ever!

Their new “Stitch by Number” kits will have you creating wonderful whimsical wall hangings in no time.



“Foundation Piecing” involves sewing fabrics to a foundation ~ either paper or muslin ~ in a certain order. The fabric pieces are roughly cut to fit the shape, then trimmed after they’re sewn in place.

These kits have foundation sheets as well as fusible pattern pieces. You won’t need to trim as you sew because your pieces are cut into shape. Simply choose fabrics and you’re ready to begin!

pattern piecesPattern pieces are printed in groups, depending on the fabrics they use. Fuse the pattern pieces to the wrong side of the appropriate fabric, then cut out the shapes following the lines. The pieces are labeled so that you know which section they belong to and in what order to sew.

First, sew the number “one” pieces to each section (A, B, C, for example), then sew the number “two” pieces to each section and so on. Soon, you’ll have completed sections.

Combine the sections as shown in the instructions and add borders.     section There are even basic instructions included for layering, quilting, and binding your project. Embellishments, such as buttons, are in the kits.

A27073A27072A27075Everything comes in a heavy weight plastic storage bag, and each kit includes the foundation, the fusible pattern pieces, a non-stick ironing sheet, any embellishments, and step-by-step instructions.  “Stitch by Number” kits make foundation piecing fun and easy!  Why don’t you give it a try?  Or have you already?  Tell us about it!

This blog post is by Cathy Mark

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