Matching Border Strips or “Cagney Did It! “

If for some reason, you cut your border too short, you can piece it to make it the length you need. I did this with my Mystery Quilt border. What happened? Combination of working on it when I was too tired, not paying attention, and having feline help, I guess.  Anyway, I cut it too short.

So I got out my Wonder Tape. (A16848)A16848 It’s a double-sided tape that will dissolve with the first washing. It has a paper protecting strip on one side. I had cut my border strips at a 45 degree angle so they would fit together.

I put a strip of Wonder Tape on the edge of the piece I’m adding, on the right side. You can see the white paper on top of the strip in this photo.20140726_154332

I turned under that edge, and since it’s ¼” tape, it’s easy to use as a guide. I first removed the paper from the part that’s most critical, as you see here, 20140726_154844 reversedand laid it on top of the other piece, matching up the stripes and leaving ¼” seam allowance on both pieces. 20140726 reversed

Once that part was done, I could remove the rest of the tape and smooth out the seam. Turning it over, the fold is visible, and that’s where the stitching goes to make the actual seam.     20140726_195552

If it isn’t clearly visible, I use my Frixion Pen (it disappears with the heat of an iron) A20672 and/or my Sewline Ceramic Fabric Pencil 40605 (removable with its eraser or a damp cloth).A20672b 40605b

Stitch on the line and you have a beautiful join and no one knows the better.Cagney rotatedDoes Cagney look guilty?

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5 thoughts on “Matching Border Strips or “Cagney Did It! “

  1. No, Cagney doesn’t look a bit guilty. But kudos to you for making lemonade out of that lemon situation!

  2. I think he looks like “So what?” — as a totally entitled cat should. So glad to know that others make these mistakes too. And chalk up another one for the ever-useful Wonder Tape!

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