Wooly Bits

Some of my favorite wool applique projects require lots of small bits of   35766different color wools. That’s what makes them so special – the variety of colors and textures. It can be expensive to collect all those wools, but we have better ways for you to build your stash!  (Shown here is the beautiful Geranium Baskets pattern, 35766.

We have 100% wool on the bolt, so you can get whatever size you need for a background.  We also carry wool felt on the bolt, again giving you the option of purchasing larger pieces. When it comes to all those little pieces though, we have several options.

Here at Erica’s, we cut those 100% wools into fat quarters (approximately 18” x 27”) or half yards (appropriately 18” x 54”). We also cut all those colorful wool felts into what we call “squares.”  These pieces measure approximately 9”x 12”, large enough for lots of uses, yet small enough to not break the bank.

When it comes to those fabulous over-dyed wools that we all long for, we have several possible ways to satisfy our needs. We have a series of 5”charm square packages that offer a variety of textures in one color.A17471We also have small bundles, again in a single shade with 8 different textures, in 7” x 8” pieces.48223

We create “squares” (appropriately 8”  x 12”) of Weeks Dye Works wools, in their “solid,” houndstooth, and herringbone.combined

Obviously, texture is key when it comes to wool, and the more the better!

One more choice – Wool Chunks – are packages of five different colors in a single texture.pileIf you’re like me, every scrap from a project gets saved. Sometimes thosewools little bits are just enough for something, but of course, we all crave more.  When that urge hits, I go for our smaller options, so I can get a bit crazy with color and texture and rationalize my purchases because they are small.  (Kind of like eating four little cookies, rather than just one big one ~ isn’t it more fun that way?)

Thanks to Cathy Mark for this post!

(To find an item on our web page after clicking on the highlighted words, hold down the “Ctrl” key and touch F.  Enter the item number in the box, press enter, and you’ll be taken to that item.)

Remember, you can see What’s New at Erica’s almost every day! Any page of our website has a column on the left that tells you where to find things, and all you have to do is look for “New Items” in purple, and click to find out.

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