Do You Know Valdani?

I like to do handwork, especially wool applique projects, and I have discovered that Valdani over-dyed floss is my favorite fiber to use for stitching.

valdani blog 1I’ve been using the “Scent of Flowers” set of nine balls of floss (A15413). I have worked on several projects since I got it, and this little box of floss ALWAYS has the perfect colors for whatever I am working on. I have since gotten a boxed set of size 12 pearl cotton and can’t wait to use it!

The Valdani products we carry are over-dyed floss and pearl cotton. We have individual colors as well as sets in both the floss and pearl size 12. All Valdani products are hand dyed and guaranteed to be colorfast. They offer solids, but it’s the over-dyed colors that really excite me.

Beautiful shades that flow from one into the next create subtle effects in your handwork. I like being able to choose one shade of green, for example, for all the colors of wool leaves that I am stitching. As the floss changes colors, the stitches appear and disappear on each fabric depending on its color. This is an easy way to add visual interest to any project.valdani blog 3

The balls of floss are three strands, rather than the six we are used to, and the ball seems to last forever! I find I have no tangles when unwinding floss from the ball (versus a skein). I most often use two strands for my work, going to a single strand when I’m stitching very small pieces. Valdani started doing three strand floss for punch needle projects, so you wouldn’t have to separate strands for your tool. The floss is great for so many handwork projects!

The Valdani pearl cotton gives another option, and is useful when your applique pieces are medium size or larger. You can’t separate strands like you can with floss, so you don’t have that versatility, but then again you don’t have to worry about the strands separating while you stitch. The pearl stands out a bit more, so if you are doing decorative stitching that you want to be seen, the pearl is great for that.valdani blog pearl

The Valdani fibers may cost a bit more, but they are SO worth it! Give them a try, I’m guessing you’ll love them as much as I do!

Thanks to Cathy Mark for this post!

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