Kim’s First Sewing Machine Convention

Where do I start about Baby Lock Tech?? 20140825_143952I have been looking forward to this since I became Manager of the Sewing Department almost a year ago. The time finally came, and we headed to St. Louis, Missouri, last Monday morning. I had heard stories about all the food and couldn’t believe them. Then we got there, and oh my goodness, the food!! I have eaten so much chocolate I may never slow down!IMG_3931 IMG_8571The opening night celebration was very energizing! There was so much excitement and so many people. They did a lot of fun skits and threw T-shirts out into the audience.  (I caught one!!!) The heads of various departments at the corporate level gave some really uplifting speeches and it was all very exciting.

The classes started the next morning and they were great!  We all learned so much to bring back to the store! Of course we got to play with the new Destiny sewing and embroidery top of the line, and let me tell you, this machine is amazing!!  It should be in the store soon, but in the meantime, click here to see a video!BLDY-lrgBaby Lock is also launching new mid-line machines that I like really well, too.  They’re easy to use and have a ton of great features. They’ll come to the store later this year.

After classes we got to see all of the new and exciting products. We’ll be getting some really great new things that I’m sure you’re all going to love. Some of my favorites are the new Kimberbell mug rug embroidery designs, and some new really cute sewing machine bags! Of course we ordered some of the new machine feet to help make your projects easier.

Thursday night was the banquet, and we headed home Friday morning. My first convention has been so amazing. I have learned so much, and had a really good time. Being surrounded by all the great people and great machines makes me glad that we’re a Baby Lock dealer. These are truly great machines!!

I had such a wonderful experience at my first convention, I can’t wait for the next one! I don’t have long to wait long, because our Viking Convention is in September. I’ll tell you all about that one, too.

The extremely excited contributor of this post is Kim Wilson, our Sewing Department Manager,  Thanks, Kim, it was fun to have you with us!

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