Pet Stockings and Cat-astrophic Cat Event

If you live in the St Joe County Indiana area, please come to our second annual Cat-astrophic Cat Event at the St Joe County Humane Society, 2506 Grape Road, in Mishawaka.  I’m just sure someone special is waiting there for you!2014-06-19 17.50.55On October 4, 12-5:30 pm, cat adoption fees will be waived to help find furever homes for sweethearts like our beautiful Cagney above.

All of the 500+ cats are spayed or neutered, tested for feline leukemia,  current on vaccinations, and microchipped.  Dick and I have adopted cats and kittens from the Humane Society several times over the years, and we know that they give us so much more than we can give them.  This is a great opportunity!  (You’ll need to bring (or purchase a cat carrier to take your new cat home in.  There is a County or City license fee, $5 or $10.)

While you’re in the cattery, you can look out the window and see the bench presented to us at our 40th Anniversary celebration.  We don’t feel we deserve this any more than anyone else, but are extremely honored to have it in the beautiful garden outside.a bench at our Humane SocietyBack to those Pet Stockings I mentioned last week.  I adapted and wrote instructions for these from a gift our daughter, Sarah, gave us many years ago.  Since our furry companions are such a big part of our lives, this is a way to include them in the holiday coming up. They would also be popular at bazaars.  If the cuff is left blank, a name can be added with a marker.   Just click on the photo below to print them out for yourself.  I hope you enjoy making and having them.

photo of patternPlease comment below to share with us the joy your pets bring you.   Erica

4 thoughts on “Pet Stockings and Cat-astrophic Cat Event

  1. I pri
    I printed out the pattern, however the directions didn’t print. I tried it three times. Is there another way to get the directions, possible posted on your site???

  2. Best of luck finding wonderful furever homes for the fabulous felines! 🙂 “JT” and I adopted each other 5 years ago this November 1st. (They wouldn’t let a black cat go out before Halloween and I understand). “JT” is sweet, chatty… did I mention chatty?… smart and a love bug.
    Thank you for the wonderful stocking pattern. I know what I’ll be working on this weekend! :)) For JT and others.
    You and Richard are clearly adored in your neck of the woods and around the www.

    • Your JT sounds like a sweetheart. We adopted a black cat, too. It’s so sad that so many people are nervous about them. Thank you also for your kind words. Send me photos of your stockings! Especially if you can get JT in the photo. Also consider sending some Crafter Kitty photos for our newsletter cat section.

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