and it could be a little purse…

I made a cell phone bag for my smartphone. To this point, I’d only had a dumbphone. old cell phoneI only used it a few times a year, when we went to Quilt Market and Baby Lock and Viking sewing machine conventions, so I could find my co-workers when we separated, and I dropped one in the toilet at one of those.  (Got a new one.)   It might have texted, but I never did that.

When I saw everything my daughter, Cathy, did with her phone, like take pictures without having to carry a camera, sharing photos, and easily keeping in touch with her kids, I decided to spring into this century and get one. I went to my  know-everything-tech-guy son, and told him I wanted a smartphone. He wondered why, since I only used the other one a few times a year. But, as usual, he did what his mother tells him (ha!!) and got one for me.  I thought this one would be different and, oh my gosh, is it!cropped

I’m sure, just like with the microwave, I’ll never know everything about it, but I’ll certainly use it for more than heating frozen dinners. However, let me tell you, don’t get started on Spider Solitaire! But that’s another story…

Anyway, being a sew-er, I wanted to make myself something to carry my wonderful new smartphone in.  I found the Cell Phone Bag by Quiltsmart, (39055)39055So I jumped right in to make myself one. I kept going, even though I couldn’t believe it would really make a bag, only to find out that the designer really knew what she was doing with all the twists and turns. It was amazing, and I loved it! Then I put my phone in. My phone was too tall! That’s when I started experimenting, and how this information sheet came about. The original fits cell phones about 5” tall. The next one I did fits phones 5 ½” long, and the one I ended up using fits cell phones 6” tall.togetherIf this sounds like a commercial, I guess it is!  If you don’t use a cell phone (smart or dumb,) it’s a great little purse to fit just essentials. It’s so fun and easy that I’m going to make more. I still can’t figure out how she came up with something that uses interfacing this way!. It’s ingenious. And it could be a little purse.

If you decide you want to make one and make it larger than the original, I’d be happy to have you click here to download my notes.

Happy sewing.



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