Staff Picks ~ A Few of our Favorite Things

This is the beginning of the series I promised, with our staff’s favorite tools.  So, without further ado, and in no particular order…kimkimbrell

We’ll start with Kim K. We call her that because when she started, we already had a Kim and a Kimmy! Kim K. works in our cutting department and makes many of the fabric packs we have available to you for various patterns.

She uses a rotary tool in her job, but her favorite tool is the 4″ Perfect Scissors. She’d used them here at Erica’s and thought they were fabulous!!! She now has her own, and says she loves them because they’re so light and easy to hold and use.  You can see a video by Karen Kay Buckley, the designer of the Perfect Scissors line, on our website by clicking herePicture0004

Since the video was made, Karen has added two more to her line and you can find them on this scissors page, part way down.  (A12671) There is a 6” version, and a small curved version.  (A19042)kimmyclear

Speaking of our “Kims,” Kimmy in our Sewing Machine Repair Department, also chose the 4” Perfect Scissors as her favorite.

She tells us, “I got them almost four years ago, and I still think they live up to their name! They’re great for detailed cutting, like appliqué. In fact, I like them so much I picked 20141025_190857up the 7 1/2″ Perfect Scissors this spring, and I love how they grip the fabric. Cutting has always been my least favorite part of sewing, and these scissors have greatly improved the experience.” These are both shown in the video.

Kimmy also recommends the Tatting Shuttle (A20828) and  The Complete Book of Tatting (A21072): “my own copy is quite “tattered” these days because I’ve used it so much!” A20828bA21072

Read Kimmy’s tips on repair in a previous blog post.

See more Staff Picks in my next post.

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