More of Our Staff’s Essential Tools

Darleen takes us back to basics. The first thing she thought of darleendaviswhen I asked for her favorite tool is the 6” Sewing Gauge “I couldn’t imagine my sewing box with out it. It was one of the first notions I was given when I started to sew as a young girl and when it broke some 30 years later, I had to replace it right away. It is always with me, whether I am at the sewing machine, hand sewing or at the ironing board.”20141102_183617debbieramsey

Unfortunately Debbie had to leave Erica’s for personal reasons and we miss her, but before she left she told me about her favorite tools. “The first is the Clover White Marking Pen.  I love this marker for tracing my applique cut outs on darker fabric.  This fine line marker vanishes with the touch of an iron and is an invaluable tool in my supply box.20141102_130828The other is the Pocket Color Wheel.  This is so helpful when trying to make a quilt that is outside of my normal realm of choices.  I also use it around the house for decorating decisions.”66665b

Stay tuned for more staff picks next week.

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