They May Be Mini, But They’re Charming!

Good things do come in small packages! min charm blog 2I admit it, I collect mini charms! I prefer little projects, so of course, little bits of fabric are going to interest me. OK, it’s a bit beyond “interest,” as I now have a great stash of mini-size charm packs waiting for me to use them.   mini charm blog 1Moda started this whole thing when they began producing pre-cuts of their wonderful fabric lines. They are still the leader in that effort, though a few other companies have decided to also produce pre-cut packages.

Two years ago, before Christmas, I had the crazy idea to try something – I had a pattern that called for 5” square fabric pieces. I thought “What would happen if I used mini charms (2-1/2” squares)?” Since I love small projects, this worked out rather perfectly! I made four of those table toppers for Christmas gifts!   min charm blog 2Now, when I see a pattern that calls for charms, I immediately think “Mini Charms!” You don’t have to do any math, other than perhaps resizing borders and backings, but that’s basic enough to not give you a headache.

There are now a variety of designers using those mini charm squares for their patterns, so you can choose something small right from the beginning.

Moda offers two books of mini charm patterns. The 1st (A17866) has 18 projects, while the 2nd book (A27096) has 13 projects. (Both are on the page linked above.)  We have models of one project from each book. Choose your favorite Mini Charm pack, and make these items all your own!     mini charm blog 3mini charm blog 4Here’s a tip from Cathy Young, who made the samples: using a fusible batting for fleece makes quilting these small projects so much easier! You save wrestling with pins and basting, while giving your project a wonderful finish.

We have Mini Charms from bright groups, country groups, traditional groups and, at certain times of the year, holiday groups. For just a little money, ($4.00 for 42 pieces,) you can have a lot of fun!mini charm blog 5Thanks to our Cathy Mark for this fun post!


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