It’s MY logo!

swirl medium darkerAbout our logo…  I’ve gotten comments on it for years. Many people have wanted to know where it came from, so here’s the short version of the story.  It started years ago, (in fact more than 40 years ago–hard to believe,)  when I created my “fingerprint people.”  I had a family of more than 20, and I designed stationery using them with various sentiments.img589We went to craft fairs with our fingerprint family.  People would pick out the one they wanted and I would draw it on a round plastic disk that my father cut out for us.  I drew the name or word they wanted and plopped the character they chose on top of the word.   Some selected two characters and names.  Dick sprayed the finished piece to protect it, and Cathy added the leather strap and took the money.  I still run into people who remember getting one from us at a Craft Fair.  My favorite character was one I called “Fritz.”  This is what he looked like originally:img588 He has changed over the years – his nose has gotten smaller, his hair has turned purple, and the fingerprint has worn off.  He abandoned the flowers for a needle and thread.  A year ago, with our store’s 40th anniversary, we asked our granddaughter, Bri, a graphic designer, to do something with our logo.  Of course we wanted to preserve the original.  We chose two of the designs she came up with and use both of them.  We just love the new logos and feel they do Fritz justice!

A few weeks ago we got a note that ended with “and your logo seriously needs updated to this century.”  That’s what inspired this post.  To each her own, but it’s MY logo, and I’m proud we have included my favorite character, “Fritz.”  Over all these years, we wouldn’t have it any other way!Curl smaller

5 thoughts on “It’s MY logo!

  1. I love the way some people need to tell others how to run their businesses. You’re right! It’s YOUR logo! 🙂 Now … let them go find fault with something/someone else! (They’re obviously not spending enough time sewing!)

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