Make Your Project Unique!

Embellishing can add extra detail and interest to a project. For example, our new wool table mat “Tulip Swirl” (A29033) features embellishments that add to the design.

tulip blog 1 Consider a bit of extra stitching to add depth and detail to a piece. On this mat, simple straight stitches have been added to the tulips. This creates shading and the illusion of shape. The texture of the floss also makes the piece more interesting than just a flat applique project. Variegated floss, such as that from Weeks Dye Works, will add even more interest as the color changes and shifts while you stitch. You may want to look at metallic floss too, for an added bit of shine!tulip blog 2tulip blog 3Beads are a wonderful and easy way to add something special to your project. Since they come in a variety of sizes and an incredible array of colors, they can be added almost anywhere you want a three dimensional accent. If your piece is elegant and more formal, use a shiny or metallic bead to add to the effect. If your project has a country feel, work with matte finish beads to add color without adding unwanted shine. Beads come in a variety of sizes, from tiny Petite to standard seed beads, to larger Pebble beads and even Bugle beads that come in three lengths.tulip blog 4

Our table mat uses shiny glass seed beads to highlight the butterfly’s flight. Bead have also been stitched onto the edges of the butterfly’s wings, adding even more interest to them. The butterflies, by the way, have been stitched down only in their bodies, the wings are not actually flat or attached to the background. This three dimensional effect is an other great way to add interest to a project. Flowers can be attached only at their base, butterfly wings can stand up, leaves on a tree can be held by only a stitch or two, adding movement and life to a piece.tulip blog 5tulip blog 6

If your pattern doesn’t include instructions for these embellishments, you can choose what and how you want to use to accent areas of the project. Would beads work for the outlines of objects? If there are animals in the piece, could you use beads for eyes? Could you add stitches to make the surface look more like fur? Do the flowers need stitched details Would any of the three dimensional ideas mentioned above work for your piece?

It’s YOUR project!  Make it unique and interesting by adding a bit of embellishment. Let your creativity go as you turn a basic project into something amazing!

Written by Cathy Mark

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