Somebody Has to Do It!

Buying fabricTwice a year at Quilt Market, and many times between, fabric companies show us their wares. Right now “my Cathys” as I call them (my daughter Cathy and “my other daughter Cathy”) are in Minneapolis seeing hundreds of new fabrics. What they select will be in the store and on our website between this month and September. Imagine sitting down in many booths and being presented with piles of samples, and needing to choose what our customers are going to want in the next months! This is probably only half the pile, and at only one vendor.  They like to see everything and then go back through the pile to select the ones we want. This agenda is repeated over and over during the three days of Quilt Market. I’ve seen this many times, and I can’t imagine doing it . When I started buying fabrics for the store around 40 years ago, there were just a few fabric companies, and for the most part, I chose from a few fabrics, in brown, beige, off-white, and orange. Now it’s a tremendous job, and I’m glad we have good people to do it!Buying Fabric 2

2 thoughts on “Somebody Has to Do It!

  1. new ways too applique using modern techs. what too use under the materials etrc when sewing on machine thanx looks good the blog new for me as I am looking at results thanx renee

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