Stow It! Stow It in Style!

Small zippered pouches are SO popular! They are fast and fun to make (even with a zipper – more about that later). Make them for yourself, choosing your favorite colors and fabrics, or make a batch of them for gifts. I’m a fan of Atkinson Designs, and love their new pattern “Stowaways” (A29869). Besides offering six sizes in one pattern, Terry Atkinson always makes it easy to put in a a zipper. Really! I had hesitated doing anything with a zipper, until I discovered her wonderful methods. I chose two zippers for my first projects.  Then I chose three fat quarters from the Cotton & Steel line – I love their unusual colors and interesting prints- and interesting prints.stowaway blog 1The pattern tells you how to cut your fabrics, and calls for a fusible fleece for the body of the pouch. I used Dreamy Fusible Fleece (902553). The pattern says that two fat quarters will give you two or three pouches (depending on the sizes you make). I mixed my fabrics, and got enough prepared fabric to make four pouches – two larger, and two smaller. If you use a directional fabric, be sure to watch how you cut it so the design runs the direction you want. Terry offers little tips throughout the pattern to make the sewing process go even more smoothly. She also mentions Wonder Clips (A28989) to hold fabrics in place while sewing, and I really recommend them too!stowaway blog 2Now comes the zipper. At first glance, it looks a bit intimidating because you start by sewing the zipper to the wrong side of your quilted piece, but it ends up on the right side. Do not panic! Simply follow the directions, and it all goes together so easily you’ll be amazed! The pattern calls for top stitching to finish off the zipper portion, but if you’re not very confident in your top stitching abilities, you can hand stitch the zipper facing, just like sewing binding onto a quilt.stowaway blog 3I finished the two larger pouches, and the smaller are waiting for me. I need to pick up two more zippers ( 14” Atkinson zippers which work perfectly because you can trim them to size) and get those finished. This set is for me, but since I’m now comfortable with the pattern, friends will be getting sets for Christmas!stowaway blog 4By the way, if you need a larger storage solution, be sure to check out our By Annie patterns. We offer a variety, as well as Soft & Stable stabilizer. These projects are perfect for casserole dishes, power cords, electronic devices, and everything else you might need to carry or store.

So now, what do you think about sewing zippers?

This post was written by our Cathy Mark.  Thank you, Cathy.

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