Bad Border! Bad Border!

This probably hasn’t happened to you.  But just in case it ever does, I’ll show you how I dealt with it.

I had finished all the borders of my Mystery Quilt, and as I started to press, I saw this on one of my long borders! The seam allowance was on the right side of the quilt!! I hate when this happens!Seam on outsideThe room suddenly got hot and I loosened my collar. (That seems to happen when I discover that something’s really wrong in my project.) I really didn’t want to take off the whole long border. Or I should say, I would not take off the long border!

So I removed the stitches from the area, an inch or so on either side of the border. (Actually it would be easier had I removed another few inches.) Then I pressed the seam allowances flat again.2

I’m dealing with a bias seam here, so I removed the stitches very gently.  (My favorite seam ripper  for short distances is the one you see here, 29273.)3

I put Glue-Baste-It, 44929, in a very thin line of dots on the folded seam allowance, close to the fold, and lined up the other seam allowance on top of it , this time on the back of the quilt!  When I got the second seam allowance positioned correctly, I pressed it with the iron to immediately dry the glue. (Here you see one of my quilting assistants, Puccini, holding the quilt down.)4

With the seam allowances now on the wrong side of the quilt, I took it to the sewing machine. Using one of my Wonder Clips, A12996, to hold the quilt top away so I could sew the border seam more easily I finished it up. I love the new Wonder Clips Wrist Cushion to hold the Wonder Clips. A28353  It’s so handy.  (Both these items are shown here.)

My seam is right now, and no one will know the difference. I don’t think Puccini (“Pooch” for short) will tell anyone, because he slept through the whole thing!6

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For those who comment, we’ll have a random drawing for a free set of Wonder Clips and a Wonder Clip Wrist CushionPlease add your comment by August 9.  The winner will be announced by August 15th right here.

74 thoughts on “Bad Border! Bad Border!

  1. Love wonder clips and would love to win this give-a-way. Love Erika’s. Always visit on the way home from Shipshawana!

  2. That would have been devastating for me, those clips and your quilting experience saved the day. I would have been dragging my quilt to Erica’s, saying “help!”.

  3. I am sorry thst happened to you, but great tutorial how to fix it. I recently started using glue basting, it’s great for curves.
    Love my clips, I mostly use them for hexies.

  4. Oh boy…oh boy….one little block dead center turned the WRONG way….why oh why didn’t I see that before the rows were put together?????? …….yes I did fix it but not that day…had to lay down and get my heart back to proper working order!

  5. I find as I mature more the old eyesigbt plays treats on me. Let’s see if I can remember how many times I’ve goofed up. On well, can’t remember. Love love the glue tip and the clips. Wow sure have made the difference for me.

  6. I had my Thankful for my battery operated reverse sewer when I put not just one but two sections of a quilt upside down. Had to remove because both sections had pictures upside down. Very happy I had the battery operated one.

  7. I used the wonder clips to make my first ever fabric bowl! They held fabric on clothesline while I kept winding it on. The bowl turned out great. Also use them to hold on binding. A wonderful invention. Thanks for your blog!

  8. Great Tip! I’ve not tried glue basting but have read a lot about it lately. The Wonder Clips are great when sewing on Blackboard fabric or vinyl – no holes! Sometimes I find it difficult to find the ‘right’ side of some of the white-on-white fabrics. When that happens I usually walk away and return later & start over.

  9. Oh yes, I can relate to the room getting hot and the impending sense of panic. So glad you were able to fix this with the cool tools that you have. I love the wonder clips and will check out the new wrist pad. It sounds terrific! Your kitty is such a great source of moral support as is mine when I sew. Even though they are sleeping, I’m sure their presence helps!

  10. I like using the Wonder Clips. I think that the Wrist Cushion would be helpful too. In other words, pick me, pick me! Thanks for your tips. I also enjoy watching your cat friends/children. I am a firm believer in that we learn through our mistakes…I am a lot smarter than I used to be. 🙂

  11. I haven’t made that mistake. Yet. One of my “suddenly the room is spinning” mistakes happened when I was piecing blocks for an illusion quilt — the blocks are trapezoids, not squares. Looks like each column of stars is folded. anyway, I should have cut mirror images for half of the blocks but I rotated the templates 180 degrees instead so I had four upper left and lower right pieces when I needed only two. grrr. I cut another set of pieces (this time mirror image pieces) and ended up with a pair of quilts.

  12. I often make a mistake, and just rip it out. Nice to know even Erica can make them. I’d love to have some magic clips.

  13. Let me say the embroidery club was great and always enjoyed the designs and fellow stitchers. Made lots of mistakes and still do but just wanted to thank you for being there.

  14. Oh, how may mistakes can I add. Before my classes at Erica’s, I did not have a perfect 1/4 inch. All my blocks were the wrong size, so I fought putting quilts together. My boarders rippled because I just sewed them on the sides and did not measure for the length in the center of the quilt. And Perfect Press, now my bias edges do not stretch as much.

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  16. I love Wonder Clips and find more and more uses for them (I’d love to retire my pin cushion!). My room-spinning moments usually come when I think I’m almost done and realize a block (or more) got itself turned around between design wall and sewing machine. This happens TOO often! I love glue-baste-it — the glue, that is. I can never keep the applicator from getting plugged up, and end up applying the glue with a toothpick. That works fine, but I’d sure like to know how everyone else is happily using the applicator tip without any problems.

    • As for the applicator tip, Carol, I put the cap on all the time, even between uses. Most of the time it’s fine, and if not, a pin works.It might also depend on which you’re using. You can emailme directly to talk about it if you like.

  17. Working on that same quilt, I had the top done and realized I had three pieces sewn in wrong. I had to unpick them and sew them in correctly. Frustrating. I’m pretty impressed you could fix your border without taking it all apart. I have my top finished! Yippee!
    Hugs, Deanna Smart

  18. Had problems basting a queen size quilt. Nobody told me you had to scratch the back surface(table top for me). I ended up redoing it about 5 times until I was told to scratch the back to make sure the pins went through all the layers. Now the problem is the free motion tension – pull your hair out, scream, just not flowing. I get thread sticking out on both sides, This is my 1st quilt, so didn’t get to binding yet, the boarder seems ok right now.

  19. I try very hard to forget all those mistakes that require hours with the seam ripper. I have a Queen size Granny Square quilt right now that I want cornerstones in. About every 2 weeks I get out the ripper and sew in 3 or 4. Then I wait awhile and do some more. It probably will take years at this rate to finish but who cares?

  20. Love your choice of the purple border instead of the lighter color. I am planning to try something similar after seeing yours.

    I use wonder clips to hold my binding in place.

    • Somehow my reply to you disappeared. I couldn’t let one go by that compliments my furbabies! I have 5 adorable assistants. And no way to close off my sewing studio. I’m glad they sometimes nap at the same time sometimes. Especially the two little ones.

  21. I can’t get through a project without stitching something together wrong. I love the tip you offered. May save me some effort the next time

  22. So nice to know that things like that don’t just happen to me! I was framing fussy cut turkeys with a batik, when I went to sew the squares together I realized that some of my batiks were wrong side up! Then after correcting and sewing together I did the exact same thing as you on my boarder! On tuff Quilt! wish I would have had the hint and the clips then! Thanks for the tip!

  23. I love my wonder clips and would love the holder for them. I once did a quilt on point and of course when I held it up to show some people the center square was turn a 1/4 turn to ,ugh. I had to undo the square and turn it and sew it back in.

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