Here’s a Quick Tip About Washing Cotton Fabric!

I’m going to make a new purse, and I prewash my fabrics for clothing or purses. I happened to think that some of you out there may not know about this method of preparation.  I don’t remember who told me about it, but it changed my quilting life!

The tip is about avoiding bird’s nests in the drier. I wish I had a picture of that bird’s nest.  Well, I really don’t, but I’ve been there.

Before putting cotton yardage in the washer, cut off all four corners. Just an inch or so will work.1 with arrows

This is what the raw edge of one of my fabrics looked like when I took it out of the drier!  No bird’s nests at all!  What a relief not to have to try to undo the threads and clip them from those twisted fabrics! . (I try to take fabric out before it’s completely dry, and then spray with it with Best Press to press it.)edgePlease comment below if you do this already or have another way of solving the problem.

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8 thoughts on “Here’s a Quick Tip About Washing Cotton Fabric!

  1. I do this when I prewash fabric — and I do prewash almost all fabrics. Once I heard of this little “tip” I ended having birds nests! Before that I would trim off all the threads and put them out for the birds to use in their nests ….. 🙂 I wash fabrics so I truly know what I’m working with — although I’m pretty careful about the fabrics I buy, I come into some fabrics by default (they are given to me or I find them in our local MCC thrift shop) and am not really sure of the quality, how they will wash, whether the colours will run, etc.

  2. I narrow overlock the raw edges on larger pieces. Then when washed and ironed and put away for a time, I always know the ones that have already been washed.

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