A Purrfect Pair! Of Cat Socks, That Is!

This post is especially for our cat lovers, those of us who serve as full-time domestic helpers to our felines.  (We’ll try to think up something for the rest of our animal lovers in a future post.)

For you, I have two quick questions:

1.)  If you’re ready to start cutting your fabric and you run into this, 2015-01-18 19.03.49what do you do?

A.   Move the cat.

B.   Find something else to do.

2.)  If you need to scan something on the printer 20150208_083139(which you’ve covered with a box to protect it from the cat,) and the cat’s asleep on top of that box, what do you do?

A.  Wake up the cat and move her off the box.

B.  Work on something else.

If you answered “B” to both questions, you’re a true ailurophile, like me, whether you know it or not.

Webster’s Dictionary defines it as a “cat fancier, a lover of cats.” Some of us “fancy” a little more than others. (See a few photos of our house.)

So we’re going to have a contest! Actually it’ll be a random drawing, but only for people who share their homes with these furry creatures, and you need to comment below.  (US readers, only, sorry.)

How have you changed your house or behavior to accommodate your cat?

Tell us below about how you’ve changed something to make your cat’s life easier, even though it might make yours a little less easy.  Even upload a photo if you like!

To be eligible, your response must be posted below, not in a return email please.

Two lucky people who respond will receive cat socks!  Well not really socks for your cat’s little paws, but socks for you!

You’ll get to choose from among these three styles by Laurel Burch:81978b 15784b 23099bYou have until October 22nd to comment. (Erica’s staff people are not eligible to win.  It isn’t a requirement to work at Erica’s, but a large number live with cats!  We’d love to have you comment, you just can’t win.  Sorry.)

I’ll announce the winners in this space, in two weeks, in my October 25th post,

OK.  May the best cat servant win!

And if you live in the Michiana area, please adopt a cat (or another cat) from our Humane Society.  No adoption fee, and you can take one (or more) home the same day.  They’re spayed or neutered and have their shots!  Saturday October 17th from 12:00 noon to 5:30pm.  If you can find space in your heart, be there.  They have over 300 cats needing furever homes!

Post by Erica…

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45 thoughts on “A Purrfect Pair! Of Cat Socks, That Is!

  1. We have 2 kitties, one is Jazz and the other is Little Kittie. We also have a dog who loves to ‘play’ with the cats. We have to put a fate up at the bedroom to keep the dog out, so they can have a place rest and relax in peace. The bedroom doubles as the kittie bed and breakfast….

  2. How haven’t we adapted our home for the cats? From putting their kitty tree in front of the picture window (so they can keep an eye out on those pesky squirrels) to giving up our downstairs powder room so they have a private place to do their business, the house is theirs!

  3. My cat is Rickie. He likes to go outside and sit in the sun. The door facing was getting scratched so I hung a scratch pad for him to use. Now he has to move the pad out of the way so he can scratch the door facing. He always asks to go out when I am busy. I stop what I am doing, open the door and the wait begins. First he must approach the open door carefully. Then he has to scan the yard, looking for dangers. If the coast is clear, his nose can exit, then another scan. Then, maybe an exit or maybe he will just wait awhile. Meanwhile, I am standing there, holding the door and supper is burning.

  4. We added a $5,000 patio enclosure so our cat, Burrito, could have his own room! I can identify with several of the comments above. During the day we leave the door to the patio, oh excuse me, Burrito’s room, ajar so he can come and go as he wants. But in the evening when we are watching tv, if Burrito wants to go out to his room, he will stand there and wait for one of us to get up and open the door wider for him to go out there. Guess he can’t slip out after he’s had his supper (too fat to slip thru the opening)!

  5. Finding something else to do happens a lot at my house. I was trying to work on some paperwork but Tyger kept resting on my papers. I’d leave, she’d leave, I’d come back, she’d come back. Eventually it all got done. Fortunately I always have many other things to do so I don’t have to disturb her.

  6. We have a 20 pound, 18 year old black and white kitty, named Vinny, who is in charge of our house (or thinks he is, anyway!!)….
    At Christmas time, we have to move the furniture in our living room to make room for our tree…. Vinny likes to look at the tree, and prefers that his favorite chair have tissue paper in it for him to lay on….so I make sure he has fresh crumpled tissue paper each day!
    Thanks for the chance to win a great giveaway!

  7. Well, we have two cute little kitties, Ralph and Rhea. Ralph was a shelter adoption and we acquired Rhea also a shelter adoption from my sister who became allergic to her—She made the trip from St. Louis to Texas to be our little sweet heart-( I could not bear to let my sister take back to the shelter). Anyway, I always have two to three quilt projects going at one time because Rhea feels that she is a sewing cat and always feels I need her input. So I will switch projects and let her sit and ponder what she thinks I need to do next on that project; Ralph always need to to check out any new fabric that comes in the house. I have to put it on the cutting table for a few days for him to test nap on it. If he can get a good nap on the fabric we know it is a keeper!!! My son keeps our kitties when we go on vacation and he had to put a lock on his wash room door because Ralph always opens the door and sits in the wash room trying to open that door to the garage (I should say that everyone goes in and out of that door and I think he thinks if he can get out that door he can come home). Sorry this is so long—–we just think the world of our two little ones.

  8. Erica, I love the pictures of your cat walks and kitty antics. What a great idea for keeping the cats entertained. My cats have us trained, too. My eldest is 17. I hate the thought of losing him.

    • We’ve had two families of cats enjoy their house. We lost a 20 year old, 17 year old, within two months and it was so painful. But we went right to the shelter and got 2 more. Then we lost an 8 year old. (They all died of different things.) and we went and got 2 more. Then another one spoke to me when the Humane Society brought out cats for adoption at the annual benefit we have. We had so much love in our hearts, that we couldn’t stand not sharing it. They are such a wonderful addition to our lives.

  9. Oh my, there are LOTS of things we have changed, but here is one example. As it turns out, our cat Lexie likes to be brushed while she eats…maybe crazy, I know, but it is what it is. So, in order to accommodate her needs we rearranged the living room furniture so she could eat on top of an antique trunk and we pull a dining room chair up behind it so I can sit down and brush her while she eats. Okay, I realize I’m a little bit nuts. 🙂 Of course, she has her very own quilt as well!

  10. Of course, we have made many changes; here is one example. As it turns out, our cat Lexie likes to be brushed while she eats. In order to accommodate her needs and save my back, we have rearranged our furniture so that she can eat on top of an antique trunk. We pulled up a dining room chair so that I could sit down and brush her while she eats. Of course, she also has her very own quilt and favorite spot on the couch!

  11. My cat Tux always wants to “help” me when I’m in my sewing room. I have two chairs, a nice padded, adjustable height swivel chair with a back at my cutting table and a stool at my machine. Tux likes the nice padded chair and will lay on my cutting table in wait. When I get up from my chair to retrieve a tool or to press something, he hops into my chair and proceeds to take a bath in preparation for a nap. I pull my stool over and commence with my cutting while he snoozes in the comfy chair. He has me trained!

  12. Our Kiger is 20 years old with kidney dysfunction for several years. We put Benefiber in her water (recommended by vet) and to encourage her to drink more water, I put a couple of ice cubes in the water. I do this throughout the day. She loves ice cold water. She eats very little cat food. Her favorite is broasted chicken from the grocery store, preferably Cub Foods, not Cosco, lol She says ” I earned the right to be spoiled”.

  13. I have 2 cats now, one stays hidden mostly. I type on my keyboard OVER my cat, she watches when I get my coffee to see if that’s where I’m going and she runs there first. I have a rug over the printer for you know who, I curl myself around her when we sleep and do soomething else whenever she is sleeping on my quilt project.

  14. We currently have 34 feline residents (all indoor-only, none declawed) at our house – we have had as many as 42 at a time. My husband and I volunteer with a feline rescue organization, and fortunately we have a large house. Many of our fosters have become permanent residents because of health issues or because they are less “adoptable” for some other reason.

    We screened-in our large lower deck area and installed a kitty door from the “great room” downstairs to the screened-in area so the cats can get fresh air whenever they want without actually going outside. A wooden latticework was built inside the screen to allow the cats to climb without tearing the screen.

    I have to share my sewing room with some of the cats. I made each of them their very own small quilt, and we’ve worked out an agreement: when I need to use the cutting table, I move the “cat quilts” to the sewing area, and the cats know if they go there, they will get a good petting; conversely, when I need to use the sewing area, I move the “cat quilts” to the cutting table. Usually the cats follow this prompt, which allows me to get a little work done between petting sessions.

    • You are amazing people! Kudos to you for doing this important service. It’s also amazing that you can get them to move with their quilts when you need the cutting table and the sewing area. With all the petting, I’m surprised you have time to make those quilts! Again, it takes special people to do this. If you win, I think your husband should have socks, too!

  15. We have three cats inherited from our son when he moved into an apartment which does not allow animals. They are all a delight and all have their own personalities. We have built a special pen for their cat box, food and water. This has a dedicated entrance from our dining room to our garage. They of course all have their own beds. My tiger cat has his dedicated space on my desk. No other cat is allowed (he dictates that not me). He regularly helps keep my paperwork from getting cold. The others are left to weigh down any clothes left out. I especially appreciate this during the cold weather. There is nothing like having my coat pre-warmed. We have always had cats and were glad to adopt these three. Our last cat had just passed away a month earlier. We never purchase cats but always adopt strays or “pound” cats. They truly are a delight.

  16. Tommy, the cat sleeps on my ironing board. That gives him a good view of the traffic on the road. I put a small fleece blanket on the ironing board. It keeps the cat fur off the board and my newly pressed project.

  17. I have an old large church table that I sew & craft on. It’s purposely set up in front of the window so a cat can lay there and look out the window. I’ve put down an old quilt in the bay window for them to lay on as they gaze out on the squirrels in the back yard. They know they are welcome to craft along with me. I have a cat comb at the ready on the shelf next to my craft area as well as the hair picker-upper.

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