And The Winner Is…

In our last post we asked a few questions of our fellow cat lovers.  comboIf you’re ready to start cutting your fabric,  what do you do?

 If you need to scan something on the printer and the cat’s asleep on top of the protective box, what do you do?

Then finally, how have you changed something to make your cat’s life easier, even though it might make yours a little less easy?

We had such wonderful comments and stories.  These cats have trained their owners in so many ways!  If you haven’t read the comments, please go back to read them!  Of those who commented, we did a random drawing, and the winner is… Pam from Maine.  She selected  the first pair shown as her Purrfect Pair of Socks!  The cats who trained Pam are Peanut-Buttercup (aka PB or Buttercup) and Tokei-mi.  Cute names for lucky cats!

all socksThanks to all who participated! 

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