I Glue it and Sew it!

I remember years ago hearing Aleene of Aleene’s Glue fame say, “if you can’t glue it, don’t do it!”  A dear sewing friend (well known in the sewing industry,) retorted with “if you don’t sew it, they’re going to know it.”

Well, with time gone by, we sew-ers both glue and sew!

For example, here I needed to fold my fabric under ¼” for a project I was working on. The easiest way I’ve discovered to do that is to draw a line at ½” in, press the fabric to that line, then lay glue inside it, and press it dry. I use my Frixion Pen (A20672) to make the line. It disappears with the heat of the iron. The glue I use is “Glue Baste It.” (44929) I like the fine tip because not too much glue comes out.combined rotated

I needed to add a zipper to my project, so again I used Glue Baste It. I pinned the zipper to my ironing board to keep it from moving around. Then I laid a line of glue, laid my folded fabric on the zipper, lined it up straight, and pressed it dry.  ( Then I sew to permanently attach the zipper.)Zipper 1 rotated20151022_145113Of course I add the other side using “Glue Baste It,” too.second side

BTW, this is the finished project. It’s one of three sizes of Hunter Design Studio’s Chunky Wee Zippy Pouches. (A30186)  The pattern doesn’t use glue, but these are techniques I use all the time and they can be applied to most patterns.Finished pouchIf you didn’t know about this, I hope it’ll be of help to you in some of your next projects.  Posted by me, Erica

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