We Wish You a Happy New Year!

We hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday weekend!  We look forward to the next one, when we start a new year.

Things are winding up at the shop and we’re just starting our Year End Sale.  We’re making lots of changes here at the store, after 41 years.  One of them is our sale at the end of the year.

Until this year we’ve started our sale at the beginning of the new year, on New Year’s Day.  This year we’re all taking the day off, so we’ve started the sale early.  Right now is the best time to shop, because it just started yesterday and your selection is great!

Save up to 50% on fabric, yarn, books, patterns and lots more. Shop in our store during regular hours or any time online. The sale will run for a few weeks.

Below are some photos I took this morning before the doors opened:

20151227_111644      Lots of yarn and yarn books- I love that doggie with the neckpiece!

20151227_111751There are patterns for almost anything you’d like to make…

20151227_111543And fabric to make it with!

20151227_111832There are models available if you don’t have time to make something.. I have my eye on that beautiful chenille baby blanket.

Don’t take too long!  Come into the store or check things out online.

Another change here is that I’m not doing a paper newsletter in 2016. Doing just one is allowing me to be a little more creative with the one you’ll read online. I’ve made some changes to the format. Our newsletter won’t include “New & Noteworthy” any more. Since I only wrote one 4 times a year, much of what I put in the newsletter wasn’t really new anymore. So my daughter(s) Cathy & (her assistant,) Cathy Mark, decided to let you know each week about what came in during the week, or special things we want to highlight. I think they’ve done a great job with it. My “other daughter” Cathy has taken charge and I eagerly anticipate her email every week, around mid-week. You can sign up for them here.

My same “other daughter” Cathy has kept you more up to date on our Facebook page, too. Her creativity is showing, and it’s fun to see each day. Be sure to “like” us there, and comment regularly. We appreciate our “regulars” and hope you’ll join them.

The newsletter I’m working on now will be ready in just a few weeks and you’ll get notice of it if you’re signed up to receive our weekly emails.

Meanwhile, come on into the store, or check out our sale online.  Get 50% off our newest sale fabrics and choose from even more 50% off fabrics here, plus get 50% off sale items from nearly every department.

And, a little early, “Happy New Year.”

Cagney and Lacy will undoubtedly sleep right through it!

5 thoughts on “We Wish You a Happy New Year!

  1. Love their names. I too have furry assistants….two black kitties, Spazz and Raven. 90% of my cross-stitch projects are cats or at least have a cat in it.

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